Kendasampige Serial: Suhana’s sister-in-law conspired to defame the house – Bharat Times

The famous Kannada serial Kendasampige premiered on August 22 this year. The show has been well received by the audience and has carved a niche for itself in a short span of time. The plot of the serial, which makes it unique, tells the story of a lower-middle class girl Sumana – who sacrifices her life for the happiness of her siblings. The show also marks the first production venture of Megha Shetty.

Kendasampige stars Kavya Siva, Akash, Sunil Shani, Sunil, Amrita Ramamurthy and Padma in lead roles. Kavya is portraying the character of Sumana who is married to Tirthankar Prasad, a corporate employee who dreams of becoming an MLA in the future.

Now, the serial has taken a new twist where Sumana’s sister-in-law is planning to throw her out of Tirthankar’s house. Suhana is slowly winning everyone’s heart in the house. This angered Tirtha’s sister-in-law and she decided to plot against him. Earlier she had accused Suhana of theft, but now she is planning something big.

Tirthankar is also trying to win the hearts of the people of the colony through Sumana. He is showing his positive side in public to get public vote for his future political career. Earlier her mother-in-law Padma did not like Sumna but now she has started liking her. He also gave her a gold chain. Padma changes her views on Sumana when she sees how she takes care of the family and handles all the household chores efficiently.

In the recent episodes, Sumana’s mother-in-law can be seen saying that she has taken a wrong decision with her. Sumana has taken the responsibility of the house on herself and she seems to be handling it herself. Now Sumana’s father-in-law has also started liking her.

Now in the coming episodes, viewers will get to see how his sister-in-law will try to tarnish his reputation in front of her in-laws. Also, the viewers are waiting to see whether Tirtha confesses her love to Sumana or not?

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