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canadian music icon Joni Mitchell She surprised fans with her first full show in more than 20 years, when she took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival over the weekend.

78-year-old Michelle appeared with the folk singer Brandi Carlile Sunday night at the Rhode Island festival, treating the crowd to some of their top hits performances and even a guitar solo.

Michelle and Carlyle looked like rock royalty as they sat in two ornate white chairs with gilded gold trim, belting out a 13-song tribute set performed in Michele’s honor.

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Brandi Carlyle introduces Joni Mitchell to a special Johnny Jam at the 2022 Newport Folk Festival at Fort Adams State Park on July 24, 2022.

Carlin Stehl for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Michelle has retired from music in a big way suffered a brain aneurysm in 2015, But Carlyle said cbs this morning she was at goal To celebrate the folk music legend to return to the stage.

“I just told him about there, the water, the fort and the boats…,” explained Carlyle.

Despite being a prolific musician, Michelle revealed that she was hesitant to return to the stage – She has not performed live since 2013,

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She told CBS that although she “never panicked” about a performance, she wanted it to be “nice. … I wasn’t sure it would.” She said she was happy with how things went and said “it didn’t feel so bad,

Mitchell and Carlyle were joined on stage by many longtime musician friends and collaborators such as Winona Judd, Blake Mills, Marcus Mumford, Taylor Goldsmith and Lucius. Together they performed some of Mitchell’s biggest hits, such as both sides Now, a case of you And summer,

He also played guitar during this just like this train – a skill he had to re-learn after his aneurysm.

To say that Michelle’s fans were excited by the surprise performance would be an understatement. Those who watched in-person and online videos of the sets on Monday morning expressed joy and emotion on seeing the folk tale return to the stage.

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Earlier this year, Mitchell made an appearance at the Grammy Awards, receiving the 2022 Musicians Person of the Year as well. Collecting a Trophy for Best Historical Album For her retrospective album, Joni Mitchell Archives, Volume 1: The Early Years (1963–1967),

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