Johnny Depp, Bono and Bob Geldof to give readings at Shane MacGowan funeral

Thousands line streets as Shane MacGowan̵7;s funeral procession travels through Dublin

Thousands of mourners including Irish leaders and the country’s biggest celebrities have gathered to pay their respects to Shane MacGowan, the iconic singer of The Pogues, on Friday.

The irrepressible frontman, known for songs including “Fairytale of New York” and “Pair of Brown Eyes”, died last week aged 65. Songs by the band are already playing on loop in the town of Nenagh, where a public mass will be held on Friday at 3.30pm ahead of a private cremation.

It comes after his widow Victoria Mary Clarke said the cause of Shane’s death was pneumonia. MacGowan had suffered from a number of health issues over the years, and had recently been discharged from hospital in Dublin, where he was being treated for encephalitis.

She posted: “Shane hated funerals and he refused to go to them with a few rare exceptions.

“So it’s incredible to think that so many people want to come to his and that so many beautiful people are pouring their hearts and souls into making it magnificent and magical and memorable for him and for us who are left behind.”


The order of service has been posted to social media, and details the people who will be reading and performing.

Bono, Bob Geldof, Johnny Depp, Aidan Gillen and Imelda May are among the figures billed to read passages and tributes.

Towards the end of the service, MacGowan’s sister Siobhan and widow Victoria Mary Clarke will deliver eulogies.

Nicole Vassell8 December 2023 15:13


Grizzled old punks with purple hair are being let under the velvet rope to join the close friends and family seats with 300 reserved. Everyone else and it feels like the whole of Nenagh is to fend for themselves squeezing where they can.

Singer Glen Hansard, who will be performing, bursts in carrying a baby in a Christmas outfit and then runs out again in the confusion.

Barney Davis8 December 2023 15:08


Order of service shows U2 frontman Bono will give a reading; Johnny Depp will deliver Prayers of the Faithful

An order of service document shows that U2 frontman Bono is to give a reading at the funeral of Shane MacGowan, while Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and Irish singer-songwriter Bob Geldof will deliver the Prayers of the Faithful.

Ellie Muir8 December 2023 15:02


Politician Gerry Adams seen arriving at funeral of Shane MacGowan

Gerry Adams has been seen arriving at the funeral of Shane MacGowan at St Mary’s of the Rosary in Nenagh.

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All standing mourners told to leave church for fifth time to make way for arrival of casket

Families take selfies as all those standing are being told to leave the packed church for the fifth time as the final preparations are made for the arrival of Shane MacGowan.

“Timing is the essence we are making the final preparations now,” an announcer says to groans from the crowd.

Ellie Muir8 December 2023 14:55


Mourners hide behind pillars inside church despite being asked to leave

The aisles of the church are so packed with mourners that the MacGowan family and MacGowan’s casket will not be able to enter the church until they have left.

The mourners have been warned three times but some are still hiding behind pillars in a desperate bid to stay inside.

Barney Davis8 December 2023 14:40


The Pogues band members Spider Stacy performs ‘Goodbye and Bless You All’ during soundcheck

Old friend and bandmate Spider Stacy then took over the vocals for The Pogues anthem “Goodbye and Bless You All” in another soundcheck.

An emotional time for Spider as he was also close friends with the late Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor, whose birthday is today.

Ellie Muir8 December 2023 14:35


Mourners asked to exit church to make way for MacGowan’s casket to come through

The church is so packed that mourners are being asked to exit the church to make way for MacGowan’s casket to come through.

Then a lucky few will be allowed back in. Mourners had to be reminded that this is a funeral after a joyous run-through of “Fairytale of New York”.

Barney Davis8 December 2023 14:33


An in-depth look at Shane MacGowan, shy and complex genius behind The Pogues

The Independent’s music editor Roisin O’Connor paid tribute to Shane MacGowan as a “shy, complex genius” as his death was announced last week.

Here’s the obituary in full:

Nicole Vassell8 December 2023 14:30


Glen Hansard from the Commitments and Lisa O’Neil perform ‘Fairy Tale Of New York’ during soundcheck

Standing room only as The Commitments star Glen Hansard and Lisa O’Neil perform “Fairy Tale Of New York” during the soundcheck inside St Mary’s of the Rosary Church in Nenagh.

This was the only time the hundreds packed inside were allowed to applaud with Shane’s father requesting silence between songs during the ceremony.

Barney Davis8 December 2023 14:27