J&K government to build 200 ‘smart schools’ by December 2022


lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha The government on Thursday launched an ambitious project of converting 200 schools into ‘smart schools’ for tribal communities in Jammu and Kashmir at a cost of Rs 40 crore.

The schools will be modernized in two phases, with the first 100 schools to be replaced by March 2022 and the rest by December 2022.

The LG also announced scholarships to 21,000 children from Gaddi, Sippy, Dard and Sheena communities, who were deprived of it for the past three decades.

“In 1991, Gaddi, Sippy communities were declared tribal but their children were denied scholarship. They kept in touch with the governments for three decades but no decision was taken. The matter was brought to my notice a few days back and we immediately decided that the scholarship would be awarded.

“Our priority is to secure the future of tribal children. Smart schools in tribal and remote areas equipped with modern facilities will inculcate scientific temper in children and prepare them for the future, while also preventing the drop-out rate,” said LG.

The administration has prepared a roadmap for the operation of smart schools. The LG said that members of tribal communities, PRI representatives and people associated with voluntary organizations will be involved in the management so that these schools can play the role of ‘changemakers’ in our society.

“Life changes when everything is connected. Tribal education scheme, scholarship, smart schools will do justice to tribal communities in J&K which were neglected for decades”, said the LG.

He said that these initiatives will also ensure that the members of tribal communities can keep pace with the revolutionary and rapid changes taking place around them and connect themselves with the world.