Jeremy Clarkson, Piers Morgan defend ex-This Morning host Phillip Schofield – latest

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Phillip Scofield claims he understands ‘how Caroline Flack felt’ after visiting this morning

Phillip Schofield Has received Caroline Flack’s advice from her mother after suggesting that she had experienced suicidal thoughts amid the fallout surrounding her “unwise” but “not illegal” relationship with a young colleague today morning.

61 year old Emotional interview given to BBC on Friday 2 June, where he described the impact of “sustained” and “sustained” assault from the media since he admitted to having an affair with the colleague ITV Show.

“That’s how Caroline Flack felt,” he said, referring to the former love island The host who took his own life in 2020.

Flack’s mother, Chrisyn, told Scofield: “Don’t do anything stupid.” She also condemned ITV for treating its presenters like “commodities”.

in an interview, Schofield denied allegations that he “groomed” his younger colleague, whom he had met during a school trip when the boy was 15. Schofield denied that any sexual encounter took place until the ITV employee was about 20 years old. you can find Here are the five biggest revelations from the interview.

today morning Presenter Alison Hammond broke down in tears during the latest episode of the daytime show, as she discussed Scofield’s interview with her colleague, Dermot O’Leary.

meanwhile east good morning uk co-host Piers Morgan tweeted that it was It’s time for Scofield’s “relentless harassment” to stop.


Scofield denies grooming associate

He said he was “completely brokenhearted and ashamed” over the relationship with a male colleague much younger than him, but denied framing the man.

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Holly Willoughby will be back on Monday

presenter will return today morning after his extended halfterm break. Find out who’s joining her on the couch below…

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Caroline Flack’s mum Christine has issued dire advice

mother of the deceased love island Host Caroline Flack, who took her own life three years ago, has issued a heartfelt plea to Phillip Scofield: “Wait to see what happens and don’t do anything stupid.”

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british soap awards tonight

Scofield was to host the ceremony, but after the presenter admitted her affair, ITV were forced to find a last-minute stand-in to replace her with singer Jane McDonald. The program will be telecast on Tuesday night on TV.

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Who has supported Scofield and who has spoken out against him?

From Piers Morgan to Eamonn Holmes and Rupert Everett to Alison Hammond, here’s what many stars had to say…

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piers morgan weighs in

The former ITV presenter wrote on Twitter: “Unless Philip Schofield’s ex-boyfriend contradicts his version of events Sun [and the] BBC, then it’s time to stop this constant harassment of a man who has lost everything and makes me look on edge.

He continued: “It looks like he hasn’t committed a crime, and he hasn’t [government] Minister.

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Video: This Morning editor says ‘scores are being settled’

In July 2016, Martin Frizzell, who reportedly joined the show, was asked by a reporter whether he should have been more curious about Scofield’s relationship with a much younger man.

This Morning editor on Phillip Scofield scandal: ‘Scores are being settled’

The editor of This Morning said “scores are being settled” as he claimed the ITV show had a “toxic culture”. Martin Frizzell, who reportedly joined the show in July 2016, was asked by a reporter whether he should have been more curious about Mr Scofield’s relationship with a man much younger than himself. “There are a lot of questions to be answered but a KC has been appointed for an external review and anything we say now may be adverse,” Mr Frizzell said. Asked whether there was a “toxic culture” at This Morning, he said: “Read between the lines, I think some scores are being settled.” Mr Frizzell said he was not concerned about speaking to Jane Mulcahy Casey, the lawyer appointed by ITV to conduct the external review. He added: “There will be a long time when it is all over who did what, when, why.” “She (Ms Mulcahy) will dig to the bottom, if there are questions to be answered, she will find those answers.”

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Alison Hammond tears up on Scofield’s live broadcast

“I find it really painful,” she said today morning, “Obviously, I loved Philip Schofield and it’s weird because I still love Philip Schofield.

“However, what he has done is wrong. He has accepted it, he has said sorry. As a family, we are all really struggling to process everything.

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From shaking hands to vaping, behind the scenes of Scofield’s emotional interview

BBC journalist Amol Rajan has given details about his interview with the former ITV presenter.

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Rupert Everett calls the reaction to the Scofield scandal ‘homophobic’

Veteran British actor Everett Scofield has come to the rescue…

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