JEE Main cut-off for IIT admissions for reserved category at 4-year low, spikes for general – India Times English News

The minimum score required to be obtained in JEE Mains to be eligible for the IIT entrance exam – JEE Advanced – is at the four-year low for candidates belonging to SC, ST and OBC. In contrast, the cut-off scores of the general category students are on a slight increase as compared to the previous years.

According to the NTA, the cut-off for JEE Advanced 2022 for general category students is 88.4, which was 87.9 in 2021. The qualifying marks in this category in 2020 and 2019 were 90.3 and 89.7 respectively.

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The qualifying cut-off for reserved category candidates has come down significantly over the years. This time, the cut-off score for SC applicants is 43.08, as against 46.8 in 2021, 50.1 in 2020 and 54.01 in 2019.

Moreover, the cut-off score for ST students is now 26.7, which was 34.6 in 2021, 39.06 in 2020 and 44.3 in 2019. The OBC cutoff is currently 67, which is 68.02 in 2021, 72.8 in 2020 and 74.3 in 2019. This time the cut-off score for EWS category candidates is 63.11.

year General EWS Other Backward Classes-NCL scheduled caste scheduled tribe
2022 88.41 63.11 67.00 43.08 26.7
2021 87.8 68.02 68.02 46.8 34.6
2020 90.3 70.2 72.8 50.1 39.06
2019 89.7 78.21 74.3 54.01 44.3

However, lowering the cut-off does not translate into more candidates applying for JEE Advanced or higher competition. In fact, over the years, participation in IIT admissions has been declining. In 2021, 1,41,699 candidates appeared for IIT admissions even though 2.5 lakh qualified, the number of participants was 1,50,838 lakh in 2020, 1,61,319 lakh in 2019 and 1,55,158 in 2018.

year number of students present
2021 1,41,699
2020 1,50,838
2019 1,61,319
2018 1,55,158

Experts have often quoted that JEE Advanced is a long wait and people who rank well in JEE Main go for top NITs in big cities as compared to taking JEE Advanced and getting third generation IITs. However, the competition continues to be among the brightest students for the top-tier IITs.

Every year, top 2.5 lakh rank holders in JEE Main are allowed to register for JEE Advanced. This year, a total of 10.26,799 candidates had signed up for JEE Main, which includes both session 1 and 2.

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