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Japan’s prime minister dissolves parliament ahead of election

The October 31 vote will be Kishida’s first major test since he won the ruling party. leadership election On 29 September and officially appointed as the 100th Prime Minister of Japan on 4 October.
Local media reports have suggested that the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, led by Kishida, hopes to take advantage of the recent decline in the country. COVID-19 Cases of garnering support for the party
former Prime Minister, yoshihide suga, did not run in the race for his party’s leadership, after a tearful term marked by a slowdown in public support as he struggled to contain the coronavirus.
Kishida is pushing for what he calls “the new capitalism”. He has promised to increase wages for the middle class and implement economic stimulus package Worth at least $290 billion to revive the world’s third-largest economy, Reuters reported.

He has committed to bolstering the government’s Covid-19 response and said on Tuesday it would provide free vaccine booster shots in early December.

The prime minister has also promised to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific amid rising tensions with China and North Korea.


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