Jan 6 committee teases next hearing with video of Trump lawyer warning John Eastman

In the clip, Hershman recounts how he warned the conservative lawyer John Eastman To withdraw plans to file an appeal in Georgia based on election results after the events of January 6, 2021.
Thursday’s hearing is expected to focus on campaign pressure applied to former Vice President Mike Pence to stand in the way of the election’s certification. Eastman was architect of the planAnd the committee plans to show that it pushed it on former President Donald Trump, despite insistence from his top lawyers that it was not solid legal advice.

“They started asking me about how to treat Georgia and preserve something for appeal,” Hershman says in the video. “And I told him, ‘Are you out of your sharp mind? Because I want to hear only two words from your mouth right now: systematic transition.’ I said, other than ‘orderly transition,’ I don’t want to hear any other impressive words from your mouth, no matter what. Repeat those words for me.”

He then warns Eastman that his actions could potentially be against the law.

“Eventually they said ‘orderly transition.’ I said, ‘Well John. Now I’m going to give you the best free legal advice I’ve ever had in my life. Get a great criminal defense attorney. You’re going to need it.’ And I hung it.”

The committee is in the middle of a series of public hearings that began last week to showcase the panel’s findings since its formation last year. Committee hearing on Monday Testimony from a former Fox News digital politics editor, a conservative lawyer, a former US attorney and a former Republican election official – who said it was clear that President Joe Biden won the election and that Trump’s claims of fraud were nonsense.
The committee was originally scheduled to hear on Wednesday, but it has postponed to a later date, Members cited “technical issues” as reasons for the delay in the last hearing, as well as giving Americans “time and space to digest”.

Correction: A previous version of this story misrepresented Eric Hershman’s position. He was a Trump White House lawyer.