Jailer director Nelson Dilipkumar was advised not to make Rajinikanth play his age, fight choreographer was unhappy about certain decisions

Filmmaker 1/" class="">Nelson Dilipkumar’s Jailer, starring superstar Rajinikanth, emerged as a global hit upon its release in August this year. But before commencing work on the film and even during production, Nelson had significant doubts about how he would project Rajinikanth on the big screen. His creative choices were questioned by members of his own crew, and he was advised to let Rajinikanth do what he does best and not experiment.

In a new interview, Nelson shared how he stuck to his guns and didn’t allow anyone to muddle his vision. He shared with Film Companion that he always wanted to make a film with Rajinikanth. Once the script was completed, Nelson had doubts even during the shoot. He shared, “This is the first time I made him play his age, that was the major doubt in me because people told me, ‘Don’t make him play his age. Let him do whatever he has done already. Don’t grey his hair.’ But I was like, even if it has to fail, let it be with my gut, I will take the blame. I didn’t want someone to confuse me.”

The filmmaker revealed that the pre-interval action sequence of the movie took him a month to write. In the sequence, Rajinikanth is seen sitting at a dining table with his wife and daughter-in-law and a dead body falls on them. “I thought about staging that scene for a month. I wanted Rajini sir to be cool in that whole film. Rather than him fighting, whatever happens around him should be more interesting and never seen before in his films. I myself wrote the whole stunt and scripted the whole scene,” shared Nelson.

However, on the day of the shoot, the fight choreographer asked Nelson, “Is it okay that Rajini sir is not doing anything?” Not just him, “Many people asked if Rajini sir (should be given something to do) at least. These decisions were a little difficult for me, but I liked the staging of that situation.” Nelson went with his gut and ended up delivering a massive hit.

The Rajinikanth-led action-thriller netted more than Rs 340 crore in India. With a domestic gross of more than Rs 395 crore and overseas gross of Rs 195 crore, Jailer has achieved an impressive worldwide box office collection of Rs 590 crore.