‘It’s devastating’: Lewis Hamilton speaks out on Vinicius Jr racist abuse

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Lewis Hamilton said with the aim of racist abuse real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr. Caused painful memories from his career.

Brazil international Vinicius was subjected to monkey chants in his team’s 1-0 defeat Valencia Last weekend in LaLiga.

Valencia were given a partial stadium ban for five matches and a £39,000 fine – a punishment which the club called “completely disproportionate” – while Real, who called the incident a “hate crime”, filed a complaint with the Spanish State Attorney General. Filed a complaint with the office.

Hamilton, the only black driver in Formula One, experienced racist abuse in Spain at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona in 2008.

He also revealed earlier this year that he had bananas thrown at him and was repeatedly called the “n-word” at school.

speaking ahead of this weekend Monaco Grand PrixThe 38-year-old said: “It really hits home for me.

Lewis Hamillon Says Racist Abuse Targeting Vinicius Jr Brought Back Painful Memories Of His Own Career


“It really brought up feelings about things that I experienced, whether it was back in the UK or when I was racing in Italy or in France or in Spain. What people say can be very hurtful.” Could

“It’s devastating to think that in 2023 we’re still seeing these things and hearing these things.

“First of all, he [Vinicius Jr] I’ve been incredibly brave. It’s amazing what many of these athletes who are experiencing what it’s like to stand tall on the pitch, to stand strong, and to stay humble and to be responsible, not reactive.

“There is no place for discrimination in society today. Sports needs to do more, we all need to do more. If we see and hear it, we need to do something about it.”