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In the tech-savvy world, kids are more aware of technology and tools than ever before. From a very young age, they are engaged in using mobile, playing video games and watching TV. There are many good instructional channels developing on TV nowadays, parents giving their kids the privilege of spending unlimited time watching TV.

Unsurprisingly, they have an inclination to reveal them on TV more than they could have imagined. While a set schedule works best in relation to TV, watching it for long periods of time can lead to serious health and study points. For those of you who really feel that making your child realize the dangerous consequences of TV means a lot of fighting, then, just check out the easy ideas you can follow to help your child overcome TV dependence over time. can.

Why is dependence on TV dangerous?

Based on the web site MomJunction, watching excess TV affects the phenomenon of the child’s brain. While they study a range of issues, long exposures can have an impact on their cognitive improvement.

As children spend more time sitting in front of screens, their physical activity will be restricted which can result in weight problems. Sitting in one place for a long time can also cause back or shoulder pain at a young age.

It goes without saying that the dangerous rays emanating from TV screens can harm your child’s eyes at an early age.
It is difficult to keep tabs on the things children see on TV. Therefore, unsupervised TV viewing may land them on inappropriate channels.

What’s the best way to get your child to stop watching extreme TV?

Tell him about the disadvantages of watching TV.
Young people see what they see. So, to bring about a change in your child’s behaviour, first of all, it is best to reduce your viewing time as well.
Try to involve your child in different activities like board video games or going to the park or enjoying with them.
Keep the child more involved in outdoor activities, so that he can reduce the use of phone and TV.
Youngsters love to do artwork and craft work so get them artwork and craft tools and let their creativity flourish. It will get messy but the cleanup is much better than the big loss.

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