Is there a way to stimulate your brainpower? We asked an expert

You know those moments in the middle of the day when the clock hits 3 and your brain refuses to budge anywhere further creatively? We’re not going to lie we have those moments too, more often than we’d like to admit.

According to Karishma Shah, Nutritionist, Integrated Health Coach and Counselling Psychologist, people tend to go to doctors with symptoms of fatigue, lethargy and what not but we fail to understand what is causing these problems. Poor brain health has been on the rise, she says, and that is the reason why most of us feel like we can’t focus on our tasks well.

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Of course, we want to improve our productivity but before we can do that, how do you get rid of this brainfog and stimulate your brain into working at its best. Shah says the only way to become a better version of yourself and have your brain processing faster than it is, right now, is to focus on your brain health.

Here are some ways you can stimulate your brain and boost its power of processing.


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Don’t sacrifice on your sleep

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According to Shah, women and children need between 8-10 hours of sleep for their brain to function at its most optimum speed. “Women and children tend to multitask, hence they’re spending much more energy than men who are known to be more focused on a single task at a time,” she says.

When you’re sleeping well, your brain is stimulated and can perform better.

Eat a good, balanced diet

Shah says if you were a child who didn’t have a balanced diet and functioned mostly on junk food, it is likely that you have now become an adult with similar food habits and feel you can lethargic and can’t focus well.

It is imperative you eat a balanced diet as that will contribute to having your gut at its best. “When your gut is healthy, it is said to improve focus and clarity,” Shah explains.

Focus on your nutrient intake

The most common deficiencies in adults are of Vitamins B12 and D3, and iron, magnesium. These deficiencies can cause one to feel sluggish, with their brain becoming lesser active than usual.

Shah suggests eating green leafy vegetables for those with iron deficiencies, any nuts and seeds of their choice for those with magnesium deficiencies.

Dairy products are a good supplement of Vitamin D3 while beetroot, and spinach are of B12.

Stimulate your brain 

There are some ways to stimulate your brain when you feel it becoming slow, as per Shah.

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Listening to music is a good way to stimulate it as music is a relaxant and therapeutic for many people.

You can also drink coffee as it increases your adrenaline, and will have your brain working faster, Shah says.

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