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India set to achieve 100 crore Covid-19 vaccination mark soon

Tribune News Service
New Delhi, 13 October

With India set to achieve the 100 crore vaccination mark soon, the government is expected to showcase the event in a big way.

Sources said on Wednesday that the Covid-19 vaccination program will also be showcased as a major achievement in the upcoming elections.

A government official said that the achievement of 100 crores can be expected around October 18-19, certainly in this month. The focus is to vaccinate the entire eligible population at the earliest and export of vaccines will be considered only in the fourth quarter.

“The export of vaccines is no longer a priority,” he said, adding that the government would see what the additional production is in the fourth quarter and then take a decision.

As far as the booster dose for weak people is concerned, no decision has been taken yet. “There is no expert opinion on booster doses in India,” he said.

India has already vaccinated more than 96 crore people.

The official also said that sufficient doses have been made available to the states to keep up with the pace of vaccination.

“As of today, states across the country have about eight crore vaccines. Most of the states have vaccinated more than 60 per cent of their population.”



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