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Image Source: AP The Victoria Memorial lit up in the colors of the Indian flag ahead of the Independence Day celebrations.

Independence Day 2022: India celebrated its 76th Independence Day on Monday, 15 August. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that the time to complete 75 years of independence is the time to move towards a new direction with a new resolve. As India progresses by leaps and bounds, there are a few things we should remember from our 200 years of oppressive British rule.

When a country is invaded and occupied, strategically or non-strategicly, one of the most important factors is knowing how to control it. Winning and winning may be easy, but the hard part is winning and ruling. As we all know, the British have been extremely strategic and passive when it comes to decision making. When they came to India initially, they knew that some important parts of it were already under Portuguese control. However, to keep things looking non-aggressive, the state decided to select a location that would gradually give them access to the mainland… and in doing so, Kolkata (Calcutta at that time) was part of British-India. It was the right place on the map. ,

Why did the British choose Bengal as the capital of India

When the British came to India, they had three cities in mind – Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata – with the potential to become the capital of British India. At that time, Mumbai was under Portuguese control, which had an alliance with the British. However, this made it vulnerable to resistance from the Marathas, who were the strongest opposing force in the country at that time. The British knew that Mumbai would be a vulnerable area for them and it would be difficult for them to expand. Chennai, on the other hand, was far from the north and it would have been impossible for the British to establish base and rule over the rest of the country (at that time, the map included further north) from there.

Kolkata, which was renamed Calcutta by the British, although the relatively weak ruler was Nawab Sirajudullah, but the region was prosperous and educated. The location would have helped the British easily establish a base and enter northern India without disturbing Portuguese interests in Mumbai, Goa, Cochin and Pondicherry.

Apart from this, Bengal also gave them a good prospect for trade. The state had significant geographical advantages. The region provided fertile land, abundant supplies of meat and fish. The huge and swift river Ganga opened the doors of opportunity. The river helped them establish ports for trade through the river, which soon joined the Bay of Bengal. The western part of Bengal also provided abundant natural resources like coal to the British. These were some of the reasons why the British were there.

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