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TAPACHULA, Mexico: A new caravan of about 3,000 migrants, mostly from Haiti and Central America, left southern Mexico on Thursday to “Freedom!” Gone. Chanting as they headed north towards the US-Mexico border.

Several migrants arriving from the town of Tapachula, near Guatemala, said they hope to catch another caravan of migrants heading to the US in the neighboring state of Veracruz.

The new caravan went on a 1,600-km (1,000-mile) trek as the leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada met on Thursday for their first summit in five years to discuss immigration among other key issues Went. for.

The United States this year hit record migration levels at its border with Mexico, pressuring US President Joe Biden to halt the flow of people.

A caravan with about 3,000 people began in Tapachula about a month ago. By the time Jesus arrived in the Carranza municipality of Veracruz on Thursday, some 700 people had died, still hundreds of kilometers (miles) from the US-Mexico border. is far.

Although Mexican authorities have attempted to prevent migrants from boarding passing trucks, some still managed to catch rides on stretches of highway between government checkpoints.

Caravan organizer Ireneo Mujica said he expected the new caravan to join the Veracruz group in the coming days, in the cities of Acucan or Coatzacoalcos.

Tapachula’s troop filled the width of the three-lane highway as families moved forward with young children. Caravan organizers said the new group includes people from at least 12 countries, including India, Peru and Venezuela.

They had reached the town of Huayhuatán, 18 km (11 mi) away, by noon, and had planned to stay there for the night before heading to the nearby town of Huixtla before dawn on Friday.

Like many Central Americans fleeing mass violence, 32-year-old Ana Gomez says she left El Salvador with her three children, her sister and her niece, hoping to reach the United States or perhaps stay in Mexico. ,

Gomez said, “I had to flee my country. A month ago, they came to our house and said that if I did not hand over my daughter, they would kill her.

Adrian, a 26-year-old Haitian expat who declined to give his surname, said he had almost no money and hoped to work in Mexico City.

“I went in search of a better life,” he said.

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