In letter to Uddhav, Shiv Sena MLA says he was sidelined, accuses CM of being inaccessible

Written by Shiv Sena MLA from Aurangabad Sanjay Shirsat, the letter addressed to Uddhav has accused the Chief Minister of not being accessible to the party MLAs, pointing to the interference of middlemen who prevented Shiv Sena MLAs from meeting him and said That it was the MLA himself. who urged Shinde to take “this decision (of rebellion)”.

The letter dated June 22, written in Marathi, alleged that the doors of Varsha (Uddhav’s official residence) were never opened for Shiv Sena MLAs due to some leaders around the chief minister and their issues went unheeded.

“Yesterday, the doors of Varsha Bungalow were literally opened to the public. Glad to see the crowd at the bungalow. These doors were closed for us as Shiv Sena MLA for the last two and a half years. In order to enter the bungalow as an MLA, we had to request and convince those who did not contest elections and became members of the Legislative Council and Rajya Sabha with our votes. These so called Chanakyas were deciding the strategy for Rajya Sabha and Legislative Council elections,” the letter said.

The letter also mentioned how several Shiv Sena MLAs were stopped from going to Ayodhya. Are Hindutva and Ayodhya Ram Mandir not on Shiv Sena’s agenda? So, when Aaditya Thackeray went to Ayodhya, why did you stop us from going to Ayodhya? You yourself called and told several MLAs not to go to Ayodhya,” the letter reads.

“I and several of my colleagues who had left for Ayodhya from the Mumbai airport had their luggage checked. Just as we were about to board the plane, you called Shinde sahib and told him not to let the MLAs go to Ayodhya… Shinde sahib immediately told us that CM sahib had called and asked the MLAs not to go to Ayodhya. We returned the checked baggage at the Mumbai airport and reached home,” says Shirsat.