If Punjab Congress President is afraid of me, he can throw me out of the party: Abohar MLA Sandeep Jakhar – India Times Hindi News

A day after Punjab Congress chief challenged him to resign from the party, Abohar MLA Sandeep Jakhar on Monday said he might throw him out of the outfit if Amarinder Singh Raja Waring feared him. He also publicly criticized Waring, calling his resentment against him immature and said he would continue to work for the welfare of the people of his constituency.

Sandeep Jakhar is the nephew of former Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar, who left the Congress in May this year and joined the BJP. On Sunday, at a public meeting here on the last leg of the six-day ‘Tiranga Yatra’ in Abohar, Waring challenged Sandeep Jakhar to resign from the Congress and get a new mandate “if he was so sure” about the voter’s support. Was. Abohar.

For the people of Abohar, it was a double celebration because apart from the 75th anniversary of independence, they also got “freedom from the Jakhars” who had “grabbed the Congress party as if they were on a lease of life”. ”, Waring said. Claimed. Waring had also hit out at BJP leader Sunil Jakhar, accusing him of betraying the party and hurting its prospects in the last assembly elections.

Responding to Waring’s statement against him, Sandeep Jakhar on Monday said, it shows his immaturity. Jakhar said the Punjab Congress chief had spoken about discipline, asking others not to raise the party’s affairs publicly.

But, he himself is doing the opposite of what he had said earlier, Jakhar said. If he is afraid of Sandeep Jakhar or he is allergic to me, or he doesn’t like me and doesn’t want me in the party… he is the president of the party (Punjab unit). It is their jurisdiction, give me notice and throw me out of the party. Who stops him? Jakhar said.

Jakhar, a first-time MLA, said Waring had said just before the Sangrur Lok Sabha bypoll that Sandeep should leave the party and now he has said so again. The Abohar MLA said he did not know whether the party wanted to oust him or Waring wanted it.

Jakhar said that the people of Abohar assembly constituency have elected him as MLA. In our area, we have many issues like kinnow crop was damaged, cotton crop got hit by white fly. Jakhar said, I am concentrating on my work.

In June, the Punjab Congress Warring challenged Sunil Jakhar to take his nephew along with him to the BJP, to which Sandeep Jakhar responded by saying that the older party could expel him but he would not resign. Punjab Congress has 18 MLAs in the 117-member state assembly.

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