Hottest day of the year expected to hit during bank holiday weekend

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The warm weather is not expected to ease over the weekend with a high of 24C in the southeast wales and around the Bristol Channel on Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to rise into the high teens and early 20s in other areas around the UK.

meteorological office Forecaster Simon Partridge said high temperatures for the bank holiday weekend were a rarity given how dry it was expected to be.

“We are slowly getting there. Signs of summer,” said Mr Partridge. “It is very rare for a bank holiday weekend to be dry and sunny I think, so we are not doing too bad. “

Rain is unlikely to plague Britain over the next few days, Met Office deputy chief forecaster Steven Keats said signs dry, breezy weather is likely to continue for most of the country – with little in the way of rain throughout next week. Less.

The highest temperature in the UK on Friday was in Bainbridge where it reached 22.6 degrees Celsius.

Forecasters say the hottest day is yet to come, with temperatures expected to reach 24C.

The highest temperature of 2023 was recorded cardiff On Monday at 23.4C.

Paul Gundersen, the Met Office’s chief forecaster, said: “The jet stream sitting over the north of the UK is holding unstable weather systems at bay and allowing high pressure to dominate, causing fine weather over much of the UK.

“The current state of high pressure means we will see a westerly wind flow into the UK, a colder direction if the wind was being brought in from the south and from areas such as Spain or Africa.

“So, we are unlikely to reach heatwave conditions, but temperatures will still be warm, reaching the 20s for many, especially Southwest and South Wales.

Meanwhile, travel experts are warning of busy times on the roads.

RAC Spokesman Rod Dennis said: “We fully expect families to largely benefit from the fine weather over the coming days in what we are predicting to be the busiest bank holiday since the end of May before the pandemic.

“For many parts of the UK over the next week and a half term, day trips will also be a big feature, with popular routes along the coasts and countryside becoming busier.

“Getting up early in the morning or delaying trips till evening are the best ways to avoid the inevitable delays.

“No one wants interruptions in their way and time with family and friends, yet many of our patrol jobs could be avoided entirely if drivers completed a few checks before hitting the open road ..

“Making sure the oil and coolant levels are as important as checking that the tires are free of damage and properly inflated.”