Here’s How Many States Are Preparing for the Weekend’s Winter Storms

The storm is due to dive into the lower Mississippi Valley area by Friday night, then turn southeast on Saturday before moving along the northern coastline on Sunday and Monday.

Here’s how the leaders of some states are getting ready for the winter blast:


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Released an order On Friday, a state of emergency was declared for dozens of counties in preparation for an impending winter storm that is expected to bring snow, ice and snow to the region.

As per the order, some parts of the state may witness accumulation of black snow on roadways and strong wind gusts, which can increase the potential damage including power outages and felling of trees.

Earlier during a media briefing On Friday, Kemp said the state was deploying resources to protect residents from severe weather and, if necessary, to assist neighboring states as well.

Kemp this weekend urged Georgians to be “weather aware,” saying, “You can help us mitigate risks, shorten the time it takes to recover, and most importantly, May we keep everyone safe.”

Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry said on Friday that pre-treatment of the roads began on Friday morning and would take about 18 hours to complete. Interstate double treatment will be done.

When pre-treatment stops, plowing and spreading of salt and gravel will begin. Roughly 19,500 miles of road have to be treated and plowed, McMurray said.

A day earlier, he warned the state of expecting to see fallen trees, limbs and power lines, and urged motorists to “take this storm very seriously and stay off the roads”.

“There is still a lot of uncertainty about the level of this storm, but it is very clear that we are going to experience a significant weather event over parts of Georgia over the weekend,” said James Stallings, Georgia Emergency Management director. and the Homeland Security Agency.

South Carolina

Governor Henry McMaster declared a state of emergency Friday afternoon, and urged South Carolinians to monitor the situation and take safety precautions in winter.

“South Carolina will be affected by a major winter storm later this week, likely beginning Sunday morning,” McMaster said in a statement issued by his office. “A very dangerous situation is likely to occur due to accumulation of snow and ice, which may result in power outages across the state.”

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has “launched its Winter Storm Operations Plan to counter the ‘worst-case scenario’ of winter weather conditions,” according to a statement Wednesday, Crews plan to use anti-icing pretreatment on priority roads and bridges as early as Thursday.

Transportation Secretary Christie Hall said in a statement that residents were urged to stay off the roads so that crews could work safely. “The safest solution is for drivers to stay off the roads if possible. If you must drive, slow down and watch the crew plow and plow,” Hall said.

“We are monitoring the likelihood of a winter storm season in the Upstate and Midlands region this weekend,” Gov. Henry McMaster tweeted on Thursday, “Residents in these areas should start monitoring local weather forecasts and take safety precautions before this weekend.”

North Carolina

The state’s Department of Transportation said Friday that labor shortages in North Carolina reflect prolonged response times to clear roads.

Gov. Roy Cooper signed a state of emergency Thursday to activate state resources before the storm and allow federal reimbursement, if conditions allow. a news release,

“This storm will have a significant impact with snow, hail and freezing rain in various parts of the state, which can cause power outages and disrupt travel,” Cooper said in a statement.

“North Carolinians should pay close attention to their local weather forecast over the next few days, and make sure they are prepared in person before noon on Saturday.”


“We expect this storm to have a significant impact on many parts of Virginia,” said Governor Ralph Northam in a statement on Friday, his final full day in office before handing over the reins to Glenn Youngkin.
I-95 in Virginia reopens after winter storm, troubling some drivers for more than 24 hours

“Declaring a state of emergency now allows our emergency responders to prepare and move supplies and equipment where they need them most,” he said. “This gives governor-elect Youngkin the ability to respond rapidly to any storm.”

“I urge the people of Virginia to take this storm seriously and prepare now.”

Parts of Virginia Still Settling last week’s winter storm that left motorists Interstate 95. stuck onIncluding restoring power and clearing debris. “This upcoming weather system is likely to include additional downed trees, more power outages and a significant impact on travel conditions,” Northam’s office said.

Virginia transportation officials said they are dedicating more than 100 snow plows and other pieces of heavy equipment to 50 miles of Interstate 95 ahead of this weekend’s storm.

“We want to execute and ensure that travel continues throughout the region,” Virginia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Kelly Hannon told CNN.

Some of the trucks will be concentrated at specific interchanges in three northern Virginia counties, including the city of Fredericksburg, Hannon said.

The state’s transport department will also employ six heavy-duty wrecker tow trucks that can haul tractor trailers off the highway. Hannon said more than a dozen department employees would be driving interstate to monitor and report any worsening conditions.

The department is urging drivers not to travel on Sunday, Hannon said, because the agency expects the storm to be a mixed event of snow, hail and cold.

West Virginia

A state of preparedness has been declared for all 55 counties in West Virginia due to winter storms A statement from the government on Friday. Jim JusticeOffice of It lets agencies prepare for and respond to hurricanes “to exchange personnel and resources to respond quickly if an emergency develops.”

The state’s emergency management agency “monitors any event that could put the citizens of West Virginia at risk, including severe weather hazards. We are prepared to respond at all times, if an emergency occurs,” its directors said. , GE McCabe said in the statement. ,


Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont directed his state to have a “severe cold weather protocol,” beginning Friday through Wednesday afternoon ET — his second such act this year.

“It looks like we’re going to see another explosion of Arctic temperatures in the state, followed by the potential for winter storms,” ​​Lamont said in a news release on Friday, “These conditions can be extremely dangerous if a person is outside for long periods of time, which is why we are urging anyone to seek shelter.”

CNN’s Amy Simonson, Jennifer Henderson and Pete Muntian contributed to this report.