Health Details: Pune doctors perform crucial surgery to save acid-drinking child

Little did the grandfather of two-year-old Aryan Thorve know that the child would accidentally consume acid stored in a bottle, which would be used to refill a four-wheeler. Soon after the boy drank the liquid, a family living near Lakhewadi village in Indapur tehsil of Pune district rushed him for emergency treatment. A fortnight later, she struggled to retain water and started vomiting, so they took her to Pune.

At Sassoon General Hospital, Aryan was infused with saline and given a blood transfusion due to low hemoglobin levels. The Pediatric Surgery Section in the hospital is a super specialty department that deals with babies born with birth defects up to 15 years of age.

After the initial treatment, doctors realized that Aryan’s heart rate was slow for his age. Further investigation found severe deficiencies of key electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. Dr Aarti Kinikar, Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatrics, and her team oversaw her treatment in the ICU to correct electrolyte deficiencies.

A statement issued by the hospital on Thursday said the child’s surgery was soon performed under a team led by Dr Meenakshi Nalbale-Bhosale, head of the newly established Department of Pediatric Surgery. His recovery process involved a slow intake of oral fluids. Dr Nalbale-Bhosale said that the boy has gained 1 kg since the surgery.

Accidental ingestion of the acid can cause internal irritation to the throat, esophagus, and stomach, in addition to serious tissue damage. The doctor said that the child may also have aspiration pneumonia.

Dr Vinayak Kale, Dean, BJ Government Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital said that the hospital administration is trying to provide better quality infrastructure for such life saving procedures.

IMA Pune’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Dr. Jayant Navrang

The Pune Chapter of the Indian Medical Association has presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to renowned Pediatrician Dr. Jayant Navrang, who is also the former President of IMA, Pune. Senior Pediatrician Dr. Anand Pandit was conferred with Professor Dr. M. G. Shahade Memorial Award for Academic Excellence and Research.

The IMA-Pune Community and Social Award was presented to renowned Oncosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh, while Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr. Pooja Lodha was awarded the IMA-Pune Young Achiever Award.

The awards were presented as part of the IMA Pune Multicon 2021 held on 20 and 21 November. Chairman Dr BL Deshmukh said that the conference was organized online in which more than 800 doctors participated. Eminent Ophthalmologist Dr Rohit Shetty (Bengaluru), Renowned Cardiologist Dr Eric Borges (Mumbai) and Renowned Urologist Dr Sanjay Kulkarni (Pune) spoke on the occasion. Dr. Shekhar Mande, Director General, CSIR, New Delhi and Dr. Shivkumar Uttarare, President, MMC were the chief guests.

Stroke awareness campaign: Pharma firm sets record with highest pledges in a week

Boehringer Ingelheim India, a pharmaceutical company, recently set a Guinness World Record for ‘Most pledges received for a stroke awareness campaign in a week’. The company’s stroke awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness about stroke encouraged people to calculate their stroke risk and on identifying stroke symptoms, reach the nearest hospital with neurospecialist and CT scan facility within 4.5 hours. Took a resolution.

The campaign received a response from people across India as well as from hospitals and stroke care experts. Within a week of its launch, 17,691 people took part in a survey to understand their risk of having a stroke over the next 10 years. According to the Indian Stroke Association (ISA), 1.8 million cases of brain stroke occur every year. One of the major reasons behind the increase in the incidence of stroke is the lack of awareness about brain stroke, its prevention and treatment. To draw attention to the issue, Boehringer Ingelheim India launched a week-long campaign (28 October to 3 November) ahead of World Stroke Day, observed on 29 October.

Leading brain tumor surgeon discusses new technology with neurosurgeons from Pune

Brain tumors are very complex and surgical excision is the only cure in 90% of cases. However, the procedure can result in paralysis, loss of consciousness and speech, difficulty swallowing and breathing, or even death in some patients. Professor Charlie Teo, Australia’s leading brain tumor specialist, visited a neurosurgeon at Poona Hospital to deliver a lecture on his newly developed technology Quiktom, omniscient neurotechnology for the safe treatment of difficult brain tumours, in a statement issued by the hospital on Tuesday.