‘He tells everyone, please keep watching me’: S Badrinath reveals how MS Dhoni’s last moment field changes produce wickets

Former Chennai Super Kings player Subramaniam Badrinath revealed how skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni tends to make maneuvers in the last moment before every delivery and occasionally they end up producing wickets.

Speaking on Star Sports, Badrinath said, “He tells everyone, please keep watching me. Because that last minute adjustment, that two yard left or right could be the difference between a catch and a drop. It has happened many times.”

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“It’s important that we keep tuned into the game, and try to remain involved. Every ball is an event, and we complete the event and move onto the next event. That’s how he addresses every ball. He assures the field is right, the bowler is right,” he added.

In response to a query about Dhoni’s conversation with the team in the 2010 final Badrinath said, “Every time there was a par total, and not so much of a par, he only said one thing; let’s try and save one run each.”

“If we save a run each, we can make the score 10 runs extra. That’s what was going to be the difference, because these were under our control. Wickets will happen, but the small things; if everybody is trying to save one run, the score becomes a little extra,” he added.

Super Kings will face defending Gujarat Titans on Sunday in the final of the IPL 2023 in Narendra Modi Stadium at Ahmedabad.