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In the latest shocking episode, a gunman opened fire in the waiting room of a Bronx hospital on Tuesday afternoon New York City crime, shooting another man four times before fleeing.

The unidentified suspect was waiting to be seen by nurses when he had a ‘look exchange’ with another man in the Jacobi Hospital waiting room.

The painful video of the shootout shows the gunman standing to watch the victim and then firing without warning, right in front of the reception desk.

He then fled, leaving the gunman standing in disbelief while blood was oozing from his hand.

The gunman remains armed and at large. The NYPD didn’t provide any details for that.

The unidentified suspect was waiting to be seen by nurses when he ‘looked-up’ with another man in the waiting room of Jacoby Hospital in the Bronx at 12.30 pm on Tuesday.

Mayor Eric Adams called the shooting “deplorable” and said he would visit the victim soon. It is not clear whether the men knew each other

The victim survived and was treated at the scene due to bullet injury in the arm. It is not clear whether anyone else was harmed or the pair knew each other before the incident.

This is the latest worrying incident in the increasingly violent city where four police officers were shot dead over several days last week.

After the shooting, NYC Health and Hospitals called it a ‘cowardly act’.

Mayor Eric Adams said he would visit the victim soon.

‘I have been informed about this and I will be going to meet the victim soon.

‘It was a reprehensible act, made worse by the fact that it took place at the place New Yorkers go for protection and healing.’

On Monday, a day before the hospital shooting, Adams vowed to act on gun violence, claiming he would save New Yorkers from the “sea of ​​violence” they feel is engulfing them.

‘I won’t let that happen,’ he vowed.

Police unions and residents say it is already too late. However they are embracing Adams, who has promised to be tougher than his predecessor.

Crime in New York City has increased over the past two years. It’s in almost every major category

Due to bail reform and several devastating changes to the budget, the number of shootings in New York City has increased over the past two years.

Soft-on-crime former mayor Bill de Blasio encouraged reforms and the new district attorney, Alvin Bragg, announced plans to be even softer on criminals.

In his New York, crimes such as armed robbery would be downgraded to petit larceny.

He has vowed to eliminate cash bonds wherever possible, following in the footsteps of crime-ravaged San Francisco.

Yesterday, Pat Lynch, the head of the largest police association, the NYC Police Benevolent Association, said he would embrace Adams being an ‘ally’ at City Hall.

‘For years, we have been demanding a real solution to our violent crime crisis. Mayor Adams acknowledged the problem and outlined the launch of a plan.

‘The message on the streets is that there are no consequences for carrying and using illegal guns … This has to change immediately because we have already lost more than we can bear.’

Tuesday’s shooting in the Bronx took place within hours of the fourth soldier’s death from a bullet wound while on duty.

NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora died Tuesday morning, four days after an ambush where his partner, rogue cop Jason Rivera, was shot and killed.

Rivera and Mora are the first policemen to be shot on the job since 2017.

27-year-old Wilbert Mora (right) died on Tuesday – four days after the attack. His partner, 22-year-old Jason Rivera (left) was killed in a shootout