Grandson’s Christmas gift becomes $50,000 prize for Nebraska woman

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Linda Gary’s grandson undoubtedly thought it would be fun to include a scratch stamp in gifts at a family holiday celebration in western Nebraska.

But that grandmother ran off the reindeer scratch ticket was no laughing matter.

Linda Gary, Crawford

Linda Gare

Nebraska Lottery, Courtesy Photo

The Nebraska Lottery said in a news release Friday that Gary scrambled a $5 ticket and received the top prize of $50,000.

After scrutinizing tickets to the family celebration in Crawford, her grandson accompanied her to a local convenience store to confirm the prize.

They then join Gary on a 450-mile trip to Lincoln to redeem the ticket, which had originally been purchased from Super Sea on 33rd Street and Sheridan Boulevard in Lincoln.

Gary said he is a regular Nebraska Lottery player, but this is the first time he has won anything close to the top prize.

“Grandma ran away from a deer,” she said, looking at her grandson. “I’d say it’s a suitable ticket.”

The odds of winning $50,000 with a $5 ticket were 1-in-104,000.

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