Google Search harnesses generative AI: Here’s how it can help you

Google is bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to its search capabilities. The new features backed by generative AI will let users educate themselves and make the most of the information on the Internet. The company had rolled out its Search Generative Experience (SGE) three months ago, and it claims to have had an overwhelming reception from users. Google has been consistently making improvements to enhance the experience even more useful for its millions of users.

Recently, Google introduced new updates that include more images, videos in overviews and improvements to how links are shown. On Tuesday, Google announced a few more upgrades to the SGE. Here’s how the new features can help you search better using Google Search.

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Definitions with AI-generated responses

This feature can be of great advantage for those frequently looking for information on the web. When searching for complex information, the search results may often show words or terminologies that may not be easily comprehensible. But with this feature, users can now easily get definitions without having to move away from the page.

In order to assist users, Google will soon be rolling out a new set of improvements to its AI-generated responses to questions related to a broad range of subjects including science, history, economics and more. With the update, users simply need to hover over certain words to preview the definitions and see related images or diagrams.

AI overview of coding information

Generative AI can be a great tool to learn coding for anyone regardless of their expertise level. Google has added new capabilities to SGE making it easier to understand and debug generated code. Besides, according to Google, SGE also offers AI-generated overviews to assist with a variety of tasks across programming languages and tools. The new updates also offer code segments in overviews as colour-coded with highlighting for syntax. This function essentially makes it faster and efficient for developers.

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Education via browsing

According to Google, SGE has been specifically designed to let users engage deeply with long-form content from creators making it easier for them to find what they are looking for. Some of the pages also come with an AI-generated list of key points in an article along with links that would direct users to the particular portion of the article.

It is to be noted that Google has said that these features will not work on articles that are hidden behind paywalls.