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As a step in its immersive view expertise, Google aerial view has begun to Google Map, Festival ‘Photorealistic aerial view’ of nearly 100 standard landmarks in Barcelona, ​​London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Google’s aerial view is something like this Apple Maps‘ View of the 3D flyover.
Google Maps’ aerial view is the first step to immersive view
In a latest weblog submitted from Amanda Light MooreAerial View is a step towards immersive view, which has been reintroduced at I/O this year, says Google Maps, Product Director, Google Maps. Moore offers additional that Immersive View is a specialization that combines AI with Road View and aerial imagery.
To get an aerial view of a landmark, it’s a good idea to open Google Maps on your smartphone and look for landmarks like Large Ben, Empire State Building, or Alcatraz Island. Now, scroll all the way down to the picture section, where you’ll find an aerial view showing a 360-degree aerial view of that monument.
Aerial View is rolling out globally and will likely be available to each iOS and Android.
Google Maps biking navigation will offer more detailed route information
There are also some updates. Google Maps is getting better biking navigation with detailed routing information showing whether there may be heavy automotive site visitors, stairs or steep hills within the route. Google Maps can also show you the type of highway you’ll take—be it a major highway or an area road. The new biking navigation will be made available to Google Maps users in several cities in the coming weeks.
Location Sharing will also receive a replacement
Finally, location sharing is turning to smart. So, now, if someone is sharing their location with you, you will receive a notification once they reach their designated vacation spot. Plus, you’ll get a notification if they leave without informing you. Google says this function only works for anyone with whom you share your location. You can choose to stop sharing your location if you want.

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