Germany orders 4 out of 5 Russian consulates to be shut down

BERLIN ̵1; Germany is revoking the licenses of four of the five Russian consulates in the country, a foreign ministry spokesman said Wednesday.

Moscow has been asked to “immediately arrange for the liquidation of the four consulates in the Federal Republic of Germany and to complete this by December 31, 2023,” according to the Foreign Ministry. The ministry said the move is aimed at creating “structural and personnel parity” between the two countries.

Germany and Russia have repeatedly expelled each other’s diplomats Since the beginning of the Russian war on Ukraine.

The Russians were informed of Berlin’s decision on Wednesday Foreign Ministry of Annalena Barebock, A Consulate General as well as the Russian Embassy will continue to function.

came to know on saturday Many German state employees will have to leave Russia As Moscow introduced “a cap on the number of employees in German missions abroad and German intermediary organizations”.

Moscow had limited the number of German state employees allowed in Russia to 350 since June.

As a result, the number of personnel at the German Consulates General in Russia is no longer sufficient to provide consular support, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

He said the operations of the three consulates were being scaled down and would be completely closed from November. The German Embassy in Moscow and the Consulate General in St. Petersburg will remain open. This affected German diplomats and local employees, as well as German schools and the Goethe Institute.

The Foreign Ministry said Moscow “took a step to increase” the German presence by limiting the German presence to 350 people, and a ministry spokesman said, “This unjustified decision forces the German government to make very significant cuts in all areas of its presence in Russia.” compels”.