German woman sentenced for death of Yazidi girl, left to die in the sun

The High Regional Court in Munich, identifying the woman only as Jennifer W., found her guilty of crimes against humanity including “the death of another as a result of slavery” as well as being a member of a foreign terrorist group, said court spokesman Florian. Gliwitzky told CNN.

Jennifer W. was living in Iraq with her ISIS fighter husband in 2015 when he bought a Yazidi woman and her five-year-old daughter as slaves.

Gliwitzky said the husband, facing a separate trial in Frankfurt, subjected the Yazidi woman and her daughter to “daily abuse”.

“The 5-year-old daughter was abused by blows to the head and pushed to the floor, which was so strong that the child injured her shoulder,” Gliwitzky said.

“The child started wetting the bed since August 2015… When this happened again, the husband tied the child up with a leash and left him in the yard in the scorching sun. When Jennifer W. found the child like this, she Told her husband that she has to do something or else the child will die. However, he did nothing to save the child.”

Jennifer W.  Arrives for her test in Munich, Germany.

According to a statement from her legal team, including human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, the girl’s mother was a key witness in the trial and was in the courtroom when the verdict was delivered.

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The statement included a quote from the woman, who said: “It was very difficult for me to hear today’s verdict. All memories come back. I am glad that six years later a German court determined that the defendant was responsible for my daughter’s death.” But no punishment in the world will bring him back.”

The woman’s lawyers said the defendant “is believed to be the first ISIS member to be prosecuted anywhere in the world for international crimes committed against Yazidi victims.”

The trial lasted 77 days. Jennifer W. had denied the allegations and her defense team now has a week to file an appeal with the German Attorney General’s office.