From Italy, Romania and Mexico come storytellers for Pune’s winter theatre festival

From countries such as Italy, Romania and Mexico, performers carrying stories in their bags are swooping down on Pune, as the city’s leading theatre festival, by the International Association for Performing Arts and Research (IAPAR), begins on December 12.

IAPAR is a network of artists and inter-disciplinary cultural professionals that facilitates an exchange of ideas and builds connections in the global arts sphere. The annual festival, a part of Pune’s winter tradition, plays a significant role in bringing plays from countries, such as Mexico and Romania, that do not usually take part in festivals in India.

The Teatro Mexicano Group, will present the play, ‘Cutting It’ on December 15. Elvira Popova and Mayra Vargas of the group with also conduct a workshop on ‘Contemporary Mexican playwriting’.

Romania brings plays, such as #Noti and Nijinsky, as well as workshops such as ‘Theatre as play and self-discovery’ and ‘The Performative Turn’. Swedish performer Mika Oskarson Kindstrand delves into deeper truths in Life of Breath and Songs from Earth while Italian Tom Corradini Teatro takes audiences into a complex journey through a performance of Mussolini.

“The primary idea was to create a platform where a kind of intercultural dialogue is possible. What the festival is also trying to look at are countries and areas in the world where theater thrives, but are unfamiliar to India,” says Vidyanidhee Vanarase, also known as Prasad.

Festive offer

Development of theatre in India will include workshops such as ‘Building a Character’, ‘Logic Behind Acting’ and ‘The Psychological Gesture Energising Your Performances’. Abhishek Thapar, a theatre maker, performer, puppeteer and teacher from India who is based in Amsterdam, brings the play, ‘My Home at the Intersection’ and will hold a workshop ‘Ruminating the Past’.