Fresh audio leak suggests all is not well in Khan’s family

1-30/1133925_7053295_bushra-bibi-latif-khosa_updates.jpg" alt="PTI Chairman Imran Khans wife Bushra Bibi (left) and his lawyer Latif Khosa. — X/@Alam_Sabha/@LatifKhosaP" width="700" height="400" class=""/>
PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi (left) and his lawyer Latif Khosa. — X/@Alam_Sabha/@LatifKhosaP

A new audio leak allegedly featuring Bushra Bibi, wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, and his lawyer Latif Khosa surfaced on social media on Thursday suggesting all is not well in the former prime minister’s family with him being behind the bars.

The two are purportedly heard talking about Khan’s sisters complaining about Khosa’s alleged misbehaviour with them in relation to a case.

At the start of the audio, the PTI chief’s wife, talking about an instance from the recent past, said there was trouble when the former premier’s sisters and she talked about the case pertaining to Imran Khan at risk of being poisoned in Attock jail.

In August this year, when Khan was held at the Attock prison, Bushra Bibi voiced concerns about her incarcerated husband’s security and safety, saying he “can be poisoned” there.

In a letter written to the Punjab home secretary, the former first lady said the court had directed authorities concerned to shift his husband to Adiala jail in Rawalpindi and mentioned her fears that he could be poisoned during custody at Attock.

“His [Imran Khan] life is still in danger [and] there is a fear that my husband will be poisoned in Attock jail,” she stated in the letter.

In the audio leak, Bushra Bibi is heard saying that she told Khan’s sisters about hiring Khosa as a lawyer if she finds it appropriate.

“I told them that all my cases will now be dealt with by him and the ones that I think are being delayed, I will give to him,” the ex-first lady said in audio.

Khosa, meanwhile, said that Khan’s sisters think he had misbehaved with him. The conversation between Khosa and the former prime minister’s sisters allegedly took place when they went to meet the senior lawyer at his office protesting against adding the poisoning bit in the petition filed in the Islamabad High Court.

“They said he [Khosa] has misbehaved so much with us that we could never think about someone having so much guts,” Bushra said narrating the alleged words uttered by Khan’s sister.

She then added: “I told them what need did they have to go to his office. I said who are they to ask about it, after which they said ‘We went to ask about writing the line regarding poison’.”

Bushra added that while Khan’s sisters continued to talk, she told her husband that only Khosa would be her lawyer.

She added that Khan’s sisters said they didn’t want to go to Khosa’s office, but his wife insisted on doing so.

Khosa, in reply on call, said: “I’m not one to misbehave. I asked them to stop repeatedly insisting. Let me do it the way I find appropriate. This is what they are calling misbehaviour.”

In reply to this, Bushra told Khosa: “I will tell you something. They did not talk about going [to Khosa’s office] for this petition. They say it is a lie. ‘We just went to meet and his behaviour was… They told Khan that ‘[Khosa] spoke ill about you in relation to May 9 and cipher’.”

‘Those behind audio leaks should be ashamed’

Meanwhile, speaking to Geo News outside the a court in Islamabad, Khosa expressed annoyance at the audio leak.

“This is a conversation between the client and the lawyer. Those who leaked it should be ashamed,” he said.

Khan’s counsel questioned who was leaking people’s private conversations and calls.

Justice Babar Sattar, he said, has ordered to find out who is leaking the audio.

“The people leaking such personal audios should come and tell the court,” Khosa reiterated.