Four federally charged in murder of LAPD officer who was shot during house hunt

LOS ANGELES: Three men and a woman suspected of involvement in the robbery and murder of an off-duty police officer in Los Angeles have been charged with federal racketeering, prosecutors said Thursday.

The four are accused of committing a violent crime to aid in racketeering Killing of Officer Fernando Arroyos, who was fatally shot on Monday, US Attorney’s Office for Central California said,

The US Attorney’s office said the three are allegedly members of the Florencia 13 gang. The fourth is a girlfriend, it said.

Federal prosecution, which is unusual in a local homicide case, may bring the death penalty and a minimum sentence of life without the possibility of parole, as Arroyos is accused of having been killed during the commission of the robbery.

The charges in federal court are: Luis Alfredo de la Rosa Ríos, 29; Ernesto Cisneros, 22; Jesse Contreras, 34; and Haley Marie Grisham, 18, who is Rios’ girlfriend, the US attorney’s office said.

Rios and Cisneros are alleged to have confronted Arroyos, who was identified in court documents as “FA” and his girlfriend, for robbing her on East 87th Street on Monday night.

According to a federal court filing, “after Cisneros removed victim FA’s chains at some point, victim FA and two suspects exchanged gunfire.” “The victim FA ran to an alley where he collapsed and the two suspects fled.”

A 16-page affidavit also said that spies had found security video which is part of the confrontation.

The US Attorney’s Office alleged that all four suspects were in the vehicle involved and present during the robbery and murder.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which is investigating the murder, announced Wednesday that four people had been arrested, but did not release details. A news conference was later planned for Thursday night.

The federal prosecutor’s office said all four were taken into custody by the sheriff’s department on Wednesday night and are expected to be transferred to federal custody on Friday.

The US Attorney’s Office described Florencia 13, also known as F13, as a “large, multi-generational street gang” that has been the subject of two major racketeering indictments.

Phil Halsela Contribution,