Former President Ram Nath Kovind said, ‘Overwhelmed by the farewell given to me’ – India Times Hindi News

Former President Ram Nath Kovind, who completed his term on Monday, said he was overwhelmed by the heartfelt farewell given to him and hoped that he would continue to be blessed by the people. In his first reaction after leaving office, he said that leaving his successor Draupadi Murmu at their new residence was a very touching personal moment as well as an example of the high traditions of Indian democracy.

“Overwhelmed by the heartfelt farewell extended to me at the end of my term as President,” Kovind tweeted. “The presence of President Murmu, Vice President, Prime Minister, heads of all three companies and dignitaries at the farewell ceremony will remain an unforgettable memory of me,” he said in a series of tweets in Hindi. Kovind said, ‘I think I will continue to get the blessings of the people of the country like before.

Kovind left office on Monday after completing his five-year term and former Jharkhand governor Murmu took oath as the President earlier in the day. He said in another, “President Draupadi Murmu’s personal visit from Rashtrapati Bhavan to my residence at 12 Janpath, New Delhi is a very touching personal moment for me as well as an example of the high traditions of Indian democracy.” Tweet in Hindi

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