Florida Highway Patrol arrested two people in two days in separate cases of human trafficking

A soldier in Sumter County pulled over a Ford Explorer with an expired temporary Texas tag on Wednesday and a crack on the windshield obstructed the driver’s view, according to a report.

The soldier spoke to driver Jose Juarez, who said he was traveling from Florida to Houston. The occupant of the car, who gave a Mexican passport without a ticket and a Mexican ID card when asked for identification, “seemed extremely nervous during the conversation,” the soldier said.

According to incident reports, a US Border Patrol agent confirmed that the traveler was in the US illegally and had been deported earlier.

Reportedly, Juarez told authorities that he had only spoken to the passenger on the phone, had recently met him and was not sure whether he was legally in the US. Juarez was arrested and taken to the Sumter County Jail, where he is held on a $10,000 bond for smuggling, according to prison records.

It is not clear whether he has a lawyer.

According to incident reports, the passenger of the car was taken into custody by a Border Patrol agent.

According to a second incident report, the same soldier stopped a white Chevrolet in neighboring Hernando County on Thursday for windows a darker than the legal tint.

The report said the driver presented the soldier with a Mexican passport and an expired Mexican driver’s license and that there were eight other people in the car, who were wearing “clear fluorescent yellow shirts”.

According to incident reports, officers searched the vehicle and found bookcases with names, destinations and prices, and several bags of clean yellow shirts, among other items.

The driver, Javier Palma-Genaro, told officials that he picked up eight passengers in Arizona on Tuesday after receiving a call asking him to take a group of undocumented people to Florida, something he had done several times before. times, according to the report. Palma-Genaro told the soldiers that he earned $250 per person.

According to the report, Palma-Genaro was arrested on several counts of smuggling. According to prison records, he is being held at the Hernando County Jail on a $90,500 bond.

It is not clear whether he has a lawyer.

come a few days after the arrest 53 migrants killed which were found under extreme conditions in a semitruck in San Antonio, Texas, some of which May be under 18 years of age.
Two people have been charged in connection with those deaths, CNN previously reported.