Fans react to Julia Fox’s extremely low-rise pants: ‘So unhinged, a literal genius’

Julia Fox’s unique style is stirring up conversation on the internet again – this time about her extremely low-rise trousers.

Fox has been a huge advocate for the return of the low-rise, lest we forget those leather pants, which she was frequently seen wearing for the duration of her relationship with Kanye West.

Her eccentric fashion choices have continued to dominate headlines in the months since, including the time she wore underwear and denim boots to the grocery store, and when she taught her Instagram followers how to make a very, very cropped bandeau top out of the waistband of an old pair of jeans.

On Friday (22 July), Fox stepped out in New York City wearing her most daring look yet.

The Uncut Gems star was pictured in black matte leather trousers with exposed patchwork stitching.

Julia Fox wears super low-rise trousers in New York City


The trousers dipped into a sharp “V” shape at the front, baring Fox’s entire midriff and her mons pubis area.

She paired the risqué number with a black bikini-style top, black sunglasses, pointed toe boots, and a matching leather handbag.

She was joined bySelling Sunset star Christine Quinn, who opted for a yellow off-the-shoulder ruffled dress by Aknvas, featuring cut-outs at the waist and the back. Quinn accessorised with a silver Balenciaga handbag and diamond jewellery.

Fox’s interesting choice of trousers has sparked conversation on social media.

“No one on earth is equipped for pube cleveage,” one person said.

Another wrote: “Her faith in those pants is inspiring.”


One Twitter user did not approve of the look, writing: “I love her [Fox], but every day she makes it harder to defend her from her haters.”

Another jokingly referenced a viral video of Fox at the Oscars after party: “She actually did it herself… yeahh…”

“This is the woman I aspire to be, so unhinged, pushing boundaries through fashion, absolutely insane, a literal genius,” said someone else.

Others took delight in Quinn and Fox’s budding friendship, with one person describing it as a “legendary link-up”.

Quinn and Fox were first seen spending time together in Paris earlier this month, when the pair dined at restaurant L’Avenue.