Families desperately search for missing as India’s fatal rail crash wreckage cleared

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Rescue workers completed the work of removing the debris on Sunday IndiaDeadliest rail accident in more than two decades, say several families stay in the dark What happened to missing loved ones?

signal failure have been identified as the probable cause of the accident in which 275 people died and about 1,200 were injured.

officials said derail Friday near Balasore Odisha The state, in the east of the country, was caused by an error in the electronic signaling system that caused a passenger train traveling at full speed to change tracks the wrong way and collide with a freight train.

It then overturned on another track and collided with another passenger train traveling in the opposite direction.

Railway workers removing debris on Sunday


witnesses described “Horrifying and heart-wrenching” scenes Including the dead and injured.

The death toll was revised down from a starting 300, when it was found that some bodies had been counted twice. Officials said the tally was unlikely to increase, as the rescue operation was completed.

At a hospital in nearby Soro, overwhelmed doctors and nurses worked around the clock to treat the wounded, while dogs were driven into the rubble to help search for bodies and survivors.

The Odisha state government said that over 900 people have been discharged from hospital, while 260 are still undergoing treatment, one of whom is in critical condition.

In the nearby city of Cuttack, Mukesh Kumar said he had not heard from his brother Amresh since the accident and was no longer holding out much hope that he would survive. He fears that his brother’s body may have been “discarded somewhere” unknown.

“They were a group of friends. We looked everywhere and found one of them in the hospital,” he said.

Locals from the state of Odisha at the accident site on Sunday


Others traveled for hours to reach the area to get news of loved ones.

A helpdesk outside the SCB Medical College and Hospital was flooded with inquiries about missing relatives, but most had no information.

Top railway official Jaya Verma Sinha said that initial probe showed that a signal was given Coromandel Express The main track was to run on the line, but the signal later changed, and the passenger train instead entered a loop line, where it collided with a freight train loaded with iron ore.

In form of Coromandel Expresscoaches collided with another track, due to which the oncoming Yesvantpur-Howrah Express also got derailed.

Tamanna Begum shows missing son’s shoe


He added that the passenger trains carrying 2,296 people in total were not overspeeding a detailed investigation This will tell whether the error was human or technical.

later footage shown Rescuers climb aboard one of the damaged trains to find survivors, while passengers cried for help and sobbed near the wreckage.

Coromandel Expresswhich travels over the hills along India’s east coast, usually taking more than 24 hours to complete its journey of about 1,600 km (1,000 mi).

Most of the victims of the accident were migrant workers, many of whom were migrant workers West BengalThose who often travel by overcrowded trains.

On Sunday, a few crumpled, overturned cans were the only visible remnants of the tragedy. In the hot sun, the workers laid cement to fix the tracks.