‘Fake news’: Info minister dismisses false notification of ban on Rs5,000 note

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Interim Information Murtaza Solangi on Thursday dismissed a ‘notification’ circulating online that falsely claimed the government had imposed a ban on Rs5,000 currency notes, terming it “fake news”.

The minister’s statement came after the fake notification, which claimed to have been issued by the Finance Division, surfaced on social media.

The ‘notification’ stated that the government had announced a “significant policy change aimed at strengthening the financial system and curbing illicit financial activities”.

“With effect from September 30, 2023, the use, possession and circulation of Rs5,000 currency notes will be banned throughout the country,” it claimed, adding that the notes would no longer be legal tender after this date.

“Citizens and financial institutions are encouraged to exchange or deposit their Rs5,000 notes at authorised banks and financial institutions until the specified deadline. After September 30, 2023, the notes will no longer be accepted at designated government offices and central banks.”

Sharing the fake notification in his post on X, the information minister said, “This is fake. The government of Pakistan shall act against people spreading this kind of fake news to create chaos.”

State broadcaster Radio Pakistan also shared the notification, saying that a “fake notification is circulating on social media”.

“It is the responsibility of everyone to reject the irresponsible behavior of disseminating #fakenews,” the broadcaster said.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s fact check account on X also dismissed the fake notification.

“Disseminating fake news is not only unethical and illegal but it is also a disservice to the nation. It is the responsibility of everyone to reject irresponsible behaviour. Reject fake news,” it said.