Faisal Shaikh says he didn’t let success change him: ‘I can still go back and be a salesman again in Bandra’

Faisal Sheikh, popularly known as . is referred to as Mr Faisu, Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 is busy influencing the world. On The Rohit Shetty Show, the social media star has managed to make an impact with his immortal spirit and never-give-up attitude. He is also making his fans virtually happy by sharing many videos and photos on his page. recently in conversation with indianexpress.comFaisu said that the pressure of creating consistent content sometimes becomes overwhelming. However, he also understands that there is a certain class that is waiting for his videos and he cannot let them down.

“Sometimes you don’t get the time. Especially when you are in a competition like this, there are many other things to keep in mind. You want to put your phone away after a tiring day but then you also know that fans are waiting for you. That’s why I do my best to shoot and share something with them. It may come under pressure at times but the love of the fans has made me who I am today. If it wasn’t for social media, I don’t think I would have been here. So, I love this expectation and try to meet whatever may come,” replied Mr. Faisu.

Now that he is a part of the mainstream media industry, we wondered if he has any biases when looking at his entry through social media platforms. Denying the same, he shared that while some people have preconceived notions, it is very minor. “Most people I meet love me. I have never had such a bad experience that I can remember. Even on Khatron Ke Khiladi I am working with so many big television stars but None of them looked at me differently. I have had the best relationship with each one of them.”

Talking about his ‘rag-to-rich’ journey, Faisal further shared that he feels humble and will never take his success lightly. He also said that he never shies away from telling his story as he is not ashamed of it. “Everybody knows where I come from, what I did before I became popular. I was happy then and by the grace of God I am still very happy in life, and so is my family. However, I ground myself because I know this is all temporary. God forbid, but everything can be lost in a second. Such is this profession. I have never taken pride in my work in my life. I can still go back and be a salesman again in Bandra. I wouldn’t be ashamed to do so because it was a part of my journey.”

Faisal Shaikh has been a part of many music videos and has created his own Acting debut with Bang Bang, While fans loved his portrayal of the action hero, there was a lot of criticism for his performance. Accepting the same, he says that he has a lot to learn. “I am not a born actor and neither have I taken training for it. I think a person gets better with time. I think I’ll still rate myself 50-60 percent, and I’m working hard to get at least 90. I still have to prepare myself and grow a lot. I am still here, and will certainly be able to change the perception of my critics soon with my work.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 is airing on Colors.