Failed to clear one paper at Delhi University? A special provision may help

The Delhi University has listed a special provision in the agenda of the upcoming Academic Council Meeting on Thursday to help students complete their degrees even if they have failed to clear one paper after exhausting all attempts.

If passed, they may now be given a final moderation of maximum 10 marks, in addition to any grace mark already applied.

“This opportunity would provide these students with a fair chance to overcome the obstacles they encountered during the pandemic and fulfil their academic dreams,” reads the agenda.

The agenda document stated that the implementation of the National Education Policy Undergraduate Curriculum Framework-2022 has already allowed the students who have been unable to complete the degree programme within the specified period of seven years to receive a certificate or diploma.

“The situation becomes particularly challenging for students who have passed all course requirements except for a single paper due to the adverse circumstances faced by students preventing them from completing the degree,” it said.

Festive offer

The university has also introduced another proposal of a special chance for the students whose span period had passed during the pandemic period, between 2021-22 and 2022-23.

The document further stated, “The covid-19 pandemic introduced unforeseen challenges, such as remote learning, limited access to resources, and health-related concerns. These circumstances adversely affected student’s academic progress, making it unjust to penalise them for factors beyond their control.”

It added, “Many students who exceeded their span period are likely to be under significant stress and anxiety due to their academic situation.”

A committee of academic advisers, faculty members and members of the administration will be composed to evaluate such requests on a case-by-case basis to evaluate requests from students who have exceeded their span period.