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Facebook has shut down its internal message boards.

Facebook told employees on Tuesday that it was making some of its internal online discussion groups private in an effort to reduce leaks.

Many Facebook employees join online discussion groups on Workplace, an internal message board that workers use to communicate and collaborate with one another. In the announcement on Tuesday, the company said it was targeting certain groups focusing on platform security and the security of elections, an area widely known as “integrity,” rather than going public within the company. Private, who can view and participate in discussion threads.

This move follows this disclosure Francis Haugen, a former employee, thousands of pages of internal documents from regulators, lawmakers and the news media. The documents showed that Facebook was aware of some of the damages it caused. Ms. Hogen, a former member of Facebook’s civil misinformation team, has filed a whistleblower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Testified to a Senate subcommittee this month.

“As everyone knows, we have seen an increase in the number of integrity-related leaks in recent months,” an engineering director wrote in the announcement, which was reviewed by The New York Times. “These leaks do not represent the nuances and complexities involved in our work and are often taken out of context, thereby externalizing our work.”

Facebook was known for an open culture that encouraged debate and transparency, but has become more insular as it has faced leaks about issues such as toxic speech And fake news And workers are grappling with unrest. In July, Communications team closed comments On an internal forum used for companywide announcements, “One of our requests: Please don’t leak.”

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement, “Leaks make it difficult for our teams to work together, can put employees working on sensitive topics at external risk and misrepresent complex topics.” can be done and misunderstood.” Mr Stone also said Facebook had been planning the change for months.

Tuesday’s announcement said Facebook is planning to remove people whose work is not related to safety and security through some online discussion groups. The changes will take place in “the coming months” and “with the hope that sensitive integrity discussions will take place in closed, curated forums in the future.”

In internal comments shared with The Times, some employees supported the move, while others condemned the loss of transparency and collaboration. He called the change “counterproductive” and “disappointing,” with one person suggesting it could lead to even more leaks from disgruntled employees.

One Facebook employee wrote, “I think every single employee at the company should think and act with integrity as part of their day-to-day role, and we should work to foster a culture that where it is expected.” “Silence of those devoted to integrity would undermine active efforts to cooperate and undermine the cultural expectation that integrity is everyone’s responsibility.”

Mike Isaacs Contributed reporting.



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