Excessive flow of water from Hub Dam causes high level flooding

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Karachi: The dam, which supplies water to Karachi and Balochistan, has overflowed following unprecedented rains in the recent past. geo news Reported on Monday.

Water has been flowing from the spillway of the dam for the past several days, after which the situation has worsened. Extraordinary amounts of water continue to leak from the dam, flooding the Hub River, prompting a state of emergency and evacuating people from the surrounding area. The water flow in the Hub River is estimated to be several feet.

Water flowing from the dam has extended the boundary of the bridge built in Murad, closed for a new road connecting the area to Karachi. Due to this the excess water crosses the road and flows into the river.

Local people said that the water flow is increasing continuously, after which the danger of high level flood has been declared.

— thumbnail image: Screengrab/Geo News