Ex-IDF chief Eisencott needed to include Gantz in his party: ‘We are ready’ – India Times Hindi News

Blue and White Gate Together Chief and Security Minister Benny Gantz on Monday asked former military chief Gadi Eisencott to engage his faction in its most open, public pitch to a potential politician for the upcoming elections.

Eisencott, who succeeded Gantz as chief of staff to the Israel Security Forces in 2015, is undoubtedly regarded as an influential candidate, with some polls indicating that he may further distribute to bring voters closer together. Huh.

As a result, Eisencott has been meticulously polite By the joint stamp of each Gantz with Justice Minister Gideon Saar — the Blue and White – New Hope faction – And Yesh Atid of Prime Minister Yair Lapid get together. Eysenkot was also named as a possible candidate in Israel’s 2019-2020 elections, but he ultimately decided not to run.

While interacting with the Walla news website as part of a round of interviews with several of the country’s major retailers, Gantz clarified that he needs to include Eisencott in his party. He also denied that his efforts to retain the army chief for himself were out of necessity to prevent him from becoming a member of Yash Atid and consolidating.

“I’m not trying to harm the Lapid. I want a mate in Blue and White. We’ve known each other for many years. I know exactly what the car is about in every area. thinks – in security, diplomacy, the economic system and society. I really hope he gets involved in politics, and we are ready,” Gantz noted.

In an interview with Channel 13, Gantz noted that his key focus for the upcoming elections was to ensure that Likud Party chief Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition did not get the 61 seats it should combine within the Knesset.

“If Netanyahu does not get 61 seats, the game opens anew. Then everyone will make their own calculations,” Gantz said.

“Netanyahu should not return to energy. He should not be the prime minister, and he cannot be a minister,” he said.

Conservation Minister and Blue and White Party chief Benny Gantz provides an interview from his workplace on the Walla Information website on July 25, 2022. (display screen seized: Wala)

Gantz was candid about refusing to be part of the authorities once again with Netanyahu, even when the Likud chief certainly enjoys a majority in parliament. Gantz made famous that several proposals had been issued in recent times through which he may have led an alliance with Likud.

“I may have been the prime minister and I haven’t. I think I am quite critical about it,” he said.

Although current polls show Gantz’s mixed faction behind the polls with the abstract, the Minister of Conservation noted that he was however satisfied that his strong ties to ultra-conservative events could earn him the premiership.

“I think I’ll have the flexibility to build up to a bigger authority… one that doesn’t rest to the extreme,” Gantz said.

For Gantz, these “extremist” Arabs may embrace Ram Milan, an element of the current coalition. Gantz said he could include the Rams in his potential coalition, but he would “not depend on them” and would only embrace the party if it already had a majority of 61 seats, even without them.

Although he insists it is possible, Gantz’s path to the prime minister’s workplace is not transparent.

While notoriously unreliable, polls have repeatedly proven that the Netanyahu-led bloc (Likud, Spiritual Zionism, Shas, United Torah Judaism) will win between 59 and 61 seats while the outgoing coalition (Yesh Atid, Blue and White, Labor, Events within Israel) Beytenu, New Hope and Ram) would get about 55 seats. (Predominantly Arab United Records, which makes up the remaining 120 seats, is not aligned with any bloc.)