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Environment defenders get hurt every day for work that will protect everyone: Disha Ravi

New Delhi, 9 October

Climate activist Disha Ravi said on Saturday that indigenous people, tribals and environmental defenders are hurt every day for doing the same thing that will protect everyone.

The 22-year-old activist was arrested in February in connection with a ‘toolkit’ on farmer protests that Greta Thunberg shared on Twitter.

“The mere fact that indigenous people, tribals, environmental defenders are hurt to do every single thing that will protect us all, worries me,” Disha said during a discussion at the India Today Conclave.

“An example is Hideme Markram, a tribal woman, who was arrested this year on Women’s Day for protesting against coal mines, which we all know is bad for us for many reasons,” he said.

According to reports, the Chhattisgarh Police had arrested 30-year-old Markram from Dantewada district for being a member of the banned organization CPI (Maoist).

Disha said that she got involved in environmental conservation as her grandparents, who were farmers, faced water crisis. “My mom actually carried water before I went to school,” she said. – PTI



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