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Emily’s List Supports Hochul for Governor in Chief Preliminary Approval

Emily’s List, fundraising juggler Dedicated to electing women who support abortion rights, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s campaign for a full term as governor of New York City plans to voice its support Thursday.

The group’s support opens the door to deep-pocketed donors and experienced campaign strategists across the country. But for Ms. Hochul, first woman governor of the state, it could prove more valuable as an initial ticket of approval for female activists, donors and operatives as she tries to free potential rivals and pull out of a rigged Democratic primary next year.

In her support, Emily’s List raises Ms Hochul’s handling of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as well as clearing up the culture of intimidation and harassment that has flourished in Albany under her predecessor since taking office in August Planned to cite the steps taken. Andrew M. Cuomo.

“Governor Hochul stepped in to lead New York in a moment with skepticism and distrust for Albany,” said group president Lafonza Butler. “As governor, he has made it a priority to rebuild trust between his administration and New Yorkers and deliver results.”

The timing of the endorsement by the group, which is known for making clever calculations about who thinks might win, was conspicuous. It is likely to ripple through a large field of high-profile Democrats, including the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, who will be the first black woman elected governor of any state.

Hochul before deciding to let the others enter the race, the group together indicated that it believed she was in the best position to win and to help keep others out of the race. to play their role.

Support was in stark contrast to many of New York’s most influential unions, campaign donors and other elected leaders, who appear to be withholding support until it is clear whether Ms. James and other Democrats – including Major Bill de Blasio, Representative Tom Suozhi or Jumane Williams, Public Advocate of New York City – decide to run.

The decision could be particularly stinging for Ms James, who is generally seen as Ms. Hochul’s most formidable potential rival And whose investigation into sexual harassment claims prompted Cuomo to resign. Emily’s List backed Ms. James’s campaign for attorney general in 2018, describing her as a candidate who “always had the back of every New Yorker, especially women.”

However, the group has also backed Ms. Hochul for lieutenant governor in the previous race and a seat in Congress.

In many ways, Ms. Hochul is a natural candidate for Emily’s list. She’s been a staunch supporter of abortion rights for decades, and she’s made a landmark achievement in this state. Opposed to uplifting women For some top offices.

Ms. Hochul, who is Catholic, has made abortion rights a priority for her youth administration. After Texas last month banned any abortion After six weeks, the governor declared New York a “safe harbor” for the state’s women. He also vowed to implement New York’s 2019 Reproductive Health Act, which includes drafting a patient bill of rights.

The support is the latest sign that Ms Hochul, the only Democrat who has formally entered the governor’s race, is moving quickly to gather resources and support in hopes of changing the shape of the primary sector.

In recent weeks, he closed ad From the Democratic Governors Association, the president of the New York State Democratic Party, and nearly two dozen other leaders on party county committees. He has hired a campaign manager and key consultants. and he has set a booming fundraising pace To attempt to raise $10 million or more by the end of the year from several of the state’s largest political donors.

So far, the hard-charging approach, with Ms Hochul’s performance as governor, appears to be paying dividends with voters.

a Marist College Poll The release issued on Tuesday showed Ms. Hochul would have a fairly one-on-one lead over her potential opponents if the election were to be held today. But that could change if Ms. James or another candidate formally enters the race.

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