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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree – Who Is Needle Knight Leda?

The DLC for Elden Ring, known as Shadow of the Erdtree, is all about Miquella the Type and his quest all through the Realm of Shadow. However he isn’t the one guiding the participant, since as an alternative, the one interacting with gamers essentially the most is Needle Knight Leda.

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She’s the one character from the DLC that we will meet exterior of it (albeit in Mohg’s area solely), making her the one connection between the bottom sport and the Shadow of the Erdtree. In truth, the principle questline within the DLC is all about Needle Knight Leda, her allies, and her seek for Miquella within the Realm of Shadow.

Spoilers For Shadow Of The Erdtree!

Who Is Needle Knight Leda?

elden ring image showing needle knight leda from the back and the front

Needle Knight Leda is a sworn knight within the service of Miquella the Type. The ‘Needle’ a part of her title is in reference to Miquella’s biggest creation, the Needle of Unalloyed Gold, permitting individuals (gamers included) to keep at bay the meddling of the Outer Gods.

Whereas her armor would possibly look placing, the one half distinctive to her is the chest, because the relaxation is a part of the 1720625732 230 elden ring oathseeker knight set 2Oathseeker Knight Set set. This could possibly be a touch of her previous since she was doubtless a knight with out a grasp till she stumbled upon Miquella on her travels.

The Oathseeker Knight set could be discovered within the Church of Benediction.

She’s from the Lands Between, though she’s very educated in regards to the Realm of Shadow. She is aware of in regards to the Hornsent and about tips on how to destroy the shadowy branches with Messmer’s flame, and she or he doubtless is aware of all this because of Miquella.

Is Needle Knight Leda Charmed?

Elden Ring shadow of the erdtree image showing kneedle knight leda kneeling before a cross of miquella

Similar to all different NPCs in her questline, Leda is beneath the affect of a Appeal positioned by Miquella. The one exception to this appears to be Dryleaf Dane, however the silent monk might need wanted no enchantment to start with as a way to observe Miquella’s needs.

When Miquella breaks his Nice Rune, all his highly effective Charms are damaged, together with the one on Leda. However whereas the others had been Charmed into blindly following Miquella, Leda was Charmed to subdue her major flaw: how rapidly she judges individuals.

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This can be a flaw as a result of she’s usually mistaken in her judgment, like when she thinks Thiollier is no threat when, in actuality, he is likely one of the few NPCs that may activate her. She does the alternative to the Hornsent, eager to kill him instantly regardless that he, in the long run, is a possible ally to her.

Even when Charmed, she involves hastened conclusions with us, assuming that we’re additionally combating for Miquella’s trigger. It is just on the finish of the DLC that she realizes that we, as Tarnished, try to change into Elden Lord; due to this fact, we’re the true risk to Miquella.

What Occurred To The Different Needle Knights?

elden ring image showing needle knight leda talking to the player

Leda appears to be a part of a Knightly order, identical to Freyja is a part of the Redmanes. However whereas we will encounter loads of different Redmanes (within the base sport no less than), there aren’t another Needle Knights, so what occurred to them?

We may simply assume that they’re elsewhere, but when they’re the sworn Knights of Miquella, the one place they need to be is by their Lord. Leda’s Sword would possibly give us some perception in the direction of their whereabouts because it reads, “…this blade nonetheless reeks with the stench of crusted blood that lingers from the cull of her knightly comrades.”

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Plainly, identical to when the Appeal is eliminated throughout Shadow of the Erdtree, Leda began being suspicious of her comrades, deeming them unworthy of standing at Miquella’s aspect. She then began to kill all the opposite Knights one after the other till she was the one one left.

This may make Miquella’s Appeal not solely be geared toward numbing her one flaw but in addition her bloodlust, since she might need inevitably ended up killing everybody beneath Miquella’s rule. This places into query if Miquella despatched her on a quest to start with, or if she was only a fan making an attempt to catch as much as her idol’s footsteps.

Can We Facet With Leda?

elden ring image showing needle knight leda being asisted by the player in killing the hornsent

Similar to there isn’t an ending the place we result in Miquella’s Age of Compassion, we will’t aspect with Leda since we ourselves try to change into Elden Lord. Plainly our purpose was all the time to slay Miquella, due to this fact we’re solely utilizing Leda for our personal objectives.

It isn’t clear if Miquella wanted Leda for something specifically, nonetheless, since all Leda does is observe the Empyrean round. Miquella might need wanted someone to kill Messmer and acquire his flame, however whether or not Miquella wanted the shadowy branches burned to entry the Divine Gateway just isn’t recognized.

All Potential NPCs For Leda’s Struggle

NPCs in Shadow of the Erdtree standing infront of Miquella's Great Rune in Elden Ring

Simply earlier than the final boss fight, Leda challenges the participant to a remaining duel to the loss of life. This battle could be pretty straightforward or extraordinarily tough, relying in your actions main as much as this second, and when you make it right here, there isn’t a turning again.

  • Dryleaf Dane all the time sides with Leda, it doesn’t matter what you probably did throughout your playthrough.
  • Redmane Freyja sides with Leda for those who full her questline. Should you ignore her, she does not present up.
  • Moore sides with Leda if, after breaking the Nice Rune, you inform him, “Put all of it behind you.” Should you inform him “Stay unhappy perpetually,” he dies and by no means reveals up for the battle.
  • Hornsent can aspect with Leda if he’s alive, and also you didn’t summon him for the Messmer battle. There isn’t a method for Hornsent that can assist you, even for those who defend him from Leda.
  • Sir Ansbach can support you for those who full his questline, however for those who don’t or if he dies, there’s a new NPC affiliated with Mohg that may support you towards Leda.
  • Thiollier may help you towards Leda for those who full his questline earlier than burning the shadowy branches.
  • It’s also possible to summon any spirit ashes you might have, since this encounter works as a correct bossfight.
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