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Elden Ring: 12 Greatest Axes

Elden Ring provides followers of the sequence extra choices to customise your Tarnished than ever earlier than, together with a superb assortment of axes to hack and slash by bosses. Axes often require funding in Power, so be ready to re-allocate your ranges utilizing rebirth with Rennala in the event you’ve centered your factors elsewhere.


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Whereas greataxes could be cumbersome and sluggish, there are numerous choices of various weights, every with its personal stipulations to wield successfully. Fortunately, Elden Ring subverts the normal necessities to incorporate greater than pure Power builds within the axe-swinging enjoyable, so do not be deterred in the event you’re not very thinking about altering your construct. These are among the finest decisions in your seek for the very best axe in Elden Ring.

Up to date July 10, 2024, by Andrew Scariati: The combat for the very best axe Elden Ring has to supply intensified with the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, including sturdy new contenders for the crown. Whether or not you like to evaluate Elden Ring’s finest axes by their swing velocity, weapon artwork, or status-infliction, there are many qualities to like about these weapons.

12 Forked-Tongue Hatchet

The Tarnished wields the Forked-Tongue Hatchet in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

  • Ten Power
  • 13 Dexterity

What the elden ring forked tongue hatchetForked-Tongue Hatchet lacks in scaling, it makes up for in versatility, as this weapon comes with a strong weapon ability and the ability to inflict the bleed effect after enough basic swings.

You could kill imps who wield this weapon in any catacomb from the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Head to the Scorpion River Catacombs to farm the imp within the room beside the primary bridge and, ultimately, this weapon will drop.

If primary assaults aren’t your factor, then the Dragonform Flame Weapon Artwork can swap issues up, providing you with entry to Fireplace harm, and a few additional assist in opposition to a number of enemies, as you spew flames in an space in entrance of you.

11 Rotten Greataxe

The Rotten Greataxe brandished by a Rotten Duelist in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

  • 30 Power
  • Ten Dexterity

The rotten greataxe 2Rotten Greataxe is a wonderful different to straightforward greataxes, because it comes outfitted with the power to inflict Scarlet Rot buildup with each swing. The 30 Power requirement is reasonable, however sadly, it scales higher with Dexterity (D-scaling) than Power (E-scaling) on the base degree.

On the flip facet, the Rotten Greataxe could be infused with Ashes of Struggle to reinforce its harm with a further impact of your alternative. In case you’re utilizing the axe as a method of inflicting standing, then you must purpose to make use of the Poison, Chilly, or Bleed results as the previous two add a second standing on prime of the Scarlet Rot, whereas Bleed modifications the complete infliction to hemorrhage, inflicting 120 blood loss with every hit.

10 Rusted Anchor

The Rusted Anchor resting on the main character's shoulder in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

  • 26 Power
  • 9 Dexterity

Regardless of its immense measurement, the 1720618531 368 rusted anchor 2Rusted Anchor requires much less of an funding in Power than the Rotten Greataxe with a C-scaling as properly. In case you love a pure Strength build, you then’ll be delighted to use the Heavy impact whereas upgrading, because it maxes out with A-scaling in Power to provide you an enormous quantity of bang on your buck.

The Rusted Anchor additionally comes with a pleasant Weapon Ability — Barbaric Roar — which buffs your bodily harm by 7.5 p.c and provides 5 to your Power scaling, growing its efficacy.

Your heavy assault will even be barely totally different, so attempt it out earlier than diving headfirst into fight because the timing might take a second to regulate to mid-fight.

9 Winged Greathorn

The Winged Greathorn eclipsing the Tarnished's size in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

The winged greathorn 2Winged Greathorn is a novel Greataxe, requiring you to put money into Somber Smithing Stones reasonably than the common variant. When you can’t add further results or infuse this weapon with Ashes of Struggle, you will not thoughts sticking to the wonderful Soul Stifler ability, because it releases a cloud that produces an Space of Impact (AoE) debuff to enemies caught in its radius.

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The Greathorn’s lingering debuff is superb in opposition to bosses and often lasts lengthy sufficient to catch your goal inside as they method. You may want to accumulate the Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor and alternate it on the Roundtable Maintain to buy this weapon, which means you possibly can get hold of it even earlier than combating Radahn.

Mild the braziers within the Siofra River and method the massive deer carcass close by to combat the boss and declare the Remembrance.

8 Gargoyle’s Black Axe

The Gargoyle's Black Axe being brandished by a gargoyle in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

  • 24 Power
  • Eight Dexterity
  • 22 Religion

The gargoyles black axe 2Gargoyle’s Black Axe is a wonderful choice in the event you concentrate on a Religion and Melee construct because the stipulations are pretty low. Sadly, you will want to defeat the Black Blade Kindred within the opening section resulting in The Mountaintop of the Giants to accumulate this glorious weapon.

As soon as the Black Axe is in your possession, check out its Struggle Cry ability, which offers equivalent bonuses to the Rusted Anchor’s Barbaric Roar. Along with appreciable Bodily Injury, it additionally inflicts Holy harm, which is superb in a New Sport Plus setting, however loses its luster within the late recreation as most enemies are proof against Holy harm by then.

7 Rosus’ Axe

The Tarnished holds Rosus' Axe aloft on their shoulder in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

  • 18 Power
  • 18 Intelligence
  • Ten Dexterity

rosus axe 2Rosus’ Axe comes outfitted with a uniquely highly effective Weapon Ability that makes this weapon a must-try. Rosus’ Axe boasts Rosus’s Summons, which calls forth three skeletons to swing their axes with you each time you employ it. Upon activating the ability, three skeletons seem, swing in tandem, after which disappear after dealing huge harm within the course of your swing.

Intelligence and Power customers can be happy with this axe, as they each obtain C-scaling, permitting you to concentrate on whichever stat most closely fits your construct. The Bodily Injury is augmented with further Magic harm out of your skeletons, making for a flexible alternative in opposition to varied enemies.

6 Dying Knight’s Twin Axes

The Tarnished holds the Death Knight Twin Axes in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

  • 14 Power
  • 12 Dexterity
  • 16 Religion

The elden ring death knights twin axes 2Death Knight’s Twin Axes are an uncommon weapon with a improbable weapon artwork, making them one among the very best axes Elden Ring has to supply. Blinkbolt: Twinaxe transforms you right into a human lightning bolt that launches itself into its enemies, slashing them on affect.

You obtain this weapon after defeating the Dying Knight boss on the finish of the Fog Rift Catacombs.

This weapon’s improbable moveset and skills make it a superb alternative for a Strength/Faith build in Elden Ring, opening up a wide range of choices for partaking enemies.

5 Duelist’s Greataxe

The Duelist Greataxe in the menu in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

  • 30 Power
  • Ten Dexterity

The duelist greataxe 2Duelist Greataxe is a strong, versatile alternative for a reasonable funding in Power.

You could randomly purchase this weapon by defeating Duelists, however it’s essential to purchase it earlier than defeating Maliketh, as this occasion causes all Duelists to vanish.

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The Duelist’s Greataxe has wonderful base harm, exceeding 400 at full funding, or barely much less in the event you break up your harm between Bodily and the impact of your selecting.

Each Power and Dexterity can obtain a most B-scaling relying in your alternative of upgrades.

4 Axe Of Godfrey

The Axe of Godfrey wielded by its rightful owner in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

The First Elden Lord is a mountain of a person, so it is no shock that the 1720618562 388 axe of godfrey 2Axe of Godfrey requires immense Power to wield successfully, mirroring its namesake’s energy and making it one among the best Strength weapons in Elden Ring.

The Regal Roar Weapon Ability grants the identical 7.5 p.c assault enhance and a further 5 in scaling, whereas additionally sending out a shockwave alongside the bottom that can not be guarded in opposition to.

The weapon’s scaling maxes out at a C grade for Power, however fortunately its uncooked harm is so excessive, it simply eclipses 400, which makes it one of many strongest obtainable. Sadly, higher-leveled characters will not be capable to get a lot out of investing on this weapon, so it features finest for a mid-game construct, which is awkward contemplating it’s acquired after defeating Godfrey towards the tip of the sport.

3 Executioner’s Greataxe

The Executioner's Greataxe shimmering with power in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

  • 34 Power
  • Eight Dexterity

The 1720618573 683 executioners greataxe 2Executioner’s Greataxe is one other farmable choice that gives nice harm and first rate scaling. With an funding within the Heavy impact, you’ll obtain A-scaling in Power, making this an outstanding choice for these constructing round Power.

The Executioner’s Greataxe additionally comes with the Struggle Cry Ability for buffing, which may additional push its harm greater for these venturing deep into NG+ and past. The flexibility to alter its Ash of Struggle and increase it with magic makes it an especially versatile choice to fit your wants.

2 Icerind Hatchet

The Icerind Hatchet glistening with icy crystals in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

As the one top-tier axe to primarily require Dexterity to wield, the Icerind Hatchet stands out amongst its friends. 1720618585 279 icerind hatchet 2Icerind Hatchet additionally touts the wonderful Hoarfrost Stomp Ability, which has similarities to the shockwave from the Axe of Godfrey, however with far better impact. The stomp sends out a wave of ice, damaging enemies, staggering, and inflicting them with Frostbite.

This multifaceted hatchet has B-scaling in Dexterity, so you should utilize it to nice impact all through your playthrough.

In case you’re searching for additional utility, Hoarfrost Stomp is a wonderful stun-locking software that may nullify tough bosses like Malenia if utilized in tandem with a strong Spirit Ash Summon.

1 Axe Of Godrick

The Axe of Godrick mid-swing in Elden Ring.

Stat Necessities

Improve Methodology

Although the axe of godrick 2Axe of Godrick requires maybe the steepest attribute funding, its C-scaling in each attributes and distinctive Weapon Ability put it barely above the competitors for on a regular basis use. Its distinctive Weapon Ability: “I Command Thee, Kneel” is an distinctive AoE choice for clearing out swarming enemies with an earth-shattering shockwave.

This weapon could be very sluggish, so having a means out of tight corners is precisely what you’ll need out of your Weapon Ability. Chaining your shock waves makes the ability extremely enjoyable to make use of and mimics Godrick’s assaults from his combat. Though its harm caps out round 350 earlier than scaling, this axe’s versatility must be engaging in the event you desire a extra conventional greataxe expertise.

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