Egypt and Saudi Arabia stress importance of upcoming Arab-American summit in Riyadh

Cairo: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have stressed the importance of the upcoming Arab-American summit in Riyadh.

His remarks came during a meeting between the President, the Crown Prince, the Deputy Prime Minister of Egypt and its Defense Minister at the Federal Palace in Cairo.

The Egyptian president said the crown prince had praised Egypt’s “important and resolute role” as a mainstay for security and stability in the region.

Official Presidential Spokesperson Bassam Redi said that the meeting “discussed ways to enhance various aspects of the bilateral relationship between the two countries, particularly at the economic and investment levels, in light of the promising investment opportunities available to both sides.” More joint projects were launched, as well as the exploitation and adaptation of all available areas to increase integration between them.”

He said: “The meeting touched on many of the most pressing issues raised in the international and regional spheres, as discussions fostered mutual understanding to continue joint efforts to address the risks that threaten the security and stability of countries and peoples.” Shown. of the area. ”

The two sides agreed on the importance of the upcoming summit to be hosted by Saudi Arabia between the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the US.

Ready said al-Sisi emphasized the country’s commitment to its firm stance on Gulf security as an extension of Egypt’s national security and rejected any practices that sought to destabilize it.

Al-Sisi desired his country to strengthen consultation and coordination with the Saudi King, King Salman and the Crown Prince on various issues of common concern, as well as on issues of bilateral cooperation, within the framework of the historical and strategic relationship to be confirmed. Between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which reflects the unity of common political will and destiny.

They praised the “great and qualitative development witnessed by Egypt-Saudi relations in the political, economic, security and military spheres, and the significant increase in the rate of trade exchange and the volume of investment, pointing to general concern for the way forward.” To further deepen and develop these relations.”

The Crown Prince said that his visit to Egypt was “to strengthen the distinguished ties between the two sibling countries and to continue the momentum of periodic and intensive consultations and coordination between them on regional issues of common concern, reflecting the commitment of the two countries.” ” she came. To strengthen the strong strategic alliance between them. ,

“The visit reflects our eagerness to strengthen the unity of the United Arab and Islamic ranks in meeting the various challenges facing the region at the present time,” he said, hoping that the visit would lead to “solid and expanded ties.” “which bring the two countries together at the official and popular levels.”

They stressed the importance of “continuous coordination, in-depth consultation and exchange of ideas between Egypt and Saudi Arabia to address the challenges and crises facing the Arab nation, and to intervene in the internal affairs of the Arab countries.” Aimed to stand in this way. To destabilize the security of the region and its people.”

Al-Sisi asked the Crown Prince to wish King Salman the best of luck, wishing him health.