Ecclestone offered ski role, agrees with Verstappen on Netflix

FIS president and fellow-billionaire Johann Eliasch told reporters ahead of the weekend’s Alpine World Cup season-openers in Sölden, Austria, that he had approached Ecclestone to join an advisory board.

Ecclestone told Reuters from his home in Switzerland that he is busy and with an open mind.

“I said it depends what you want me to do, what help can I do,” said the Briton. “I haven’t heard from him lately.

The former boss of the sporting goods company Head Eliash was nominated to the FIS Presidency by British ski body GB Snowsport and endorsed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Ecclestone, who said he also supported them, has been a regular at Kitzbühel and a longtime supporter of a celebrity ski race there.

In Formula One, Britons relied on race promoters, teams, sponsors and the media to promote the sport, rather than the commercial rights holders themselves investing in marketing.

The game now owned by Liberty Media has an active marketing division.

The Netflix “Drive to Survive” series has been credited with bringing in many new fans, especially in the US.

Red Bull championship leader Max Verstappen made headlines last week when he said he was not taking part because he thought some rivalries were fake.

Ecclestone said he hasn’t seen any of it.

“I’m a realist and I know it’s not going to be very real. So I know how these people act and think and do, a lot of them,” he said.

“And when you see that the things you know are completely wrong, I’ll probably be a little bit like Max and get a little upset.”

The Briton said he was, however, vulnerable to the current season and the close fight between Verstappen and Mercedes’ seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

“As of now it’s going to be Lewis on pole and Lewis is going to lead from start to finish and that’s it. No one is excited about it. I look forward to seeing all the practices and all the races now,” he said.

“If you told me ‘I had to sell the house and put all the money on one of them, what would you do?’ I’d say I’ll probably go and play roulette, because anything can happen.”