Dyson introduces new twist to virtual reality on home shopping – India Times Hindi News

LONDON: Dyson is known for its revolutionary bagless vacuum cleaner, which will enable customers to test-drive their hair dryer, straightener and styler from the comfort of their home via virtual reality.

Dyson Demo VR is built with the same visualization and simulation technology used by engineers at the British firm to prototype, test and develop new products and software.

James Dyson, the company’s founder and chief engineer, said VR is a way to improve people’s understanding of Dyson products.

“While we have been using powerful virtual reality technologies to engineer new products in our laboratories for many years, we are now applying those same technologies to how people can explore our products,” he said.

Consumer goods companies are testing new online and virtual ways to interact with customers in anticipation of building the Metaverse, a VR concept that went mainstream last month when Facebook rebranded itself “Meta.”

Dyson said in a statement that its virtual-reality showroom was an extension of sales directly to consumers, though VR headsets will be available through its 318 stores and website, and through Oculus headset stores starting Friday.

E-commerce director Sean Newmarch said the demonstration was an important part of showing how the products work and that future Dyson Demo VR will include a fully integrated e-commerce solution and the ability to talk to a real seller.

Newmarch said it would launch with Dyson’s hair care products, its floor care range to be followed.

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