Dozens of Migrants Found Dead in San Antonio, Texas Gov. Abbott Says

At least 42 people were found dead on Monday in a large rig truck in San Antonio, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said,

He said on Twitter that 18 wheelers are being used to transport migrants. The grim discovery was made on Monday afternoon near railroad tracks in an undeveloped area of ​​southwest San Antonio.

The heat will be a focus for those investigating the deaths. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature climbed to 101 on Monday.

The heat inside a trailer full of humans was likely much higher than the indication of a high temperature.

A committee of the National Association of Medical Examiners recommended that bodies with a temperature of 105 or more at the time of collapse Can be certified as heat-related deaths.

Abbott blamed President Joe Biden for the deaths. Abbott tweeted, “Their immigration policies “show the fatal consequences of refusing to enforce the law.”

In 2017, 10 migrants killed In a packed truck carrying 39 people in San Antonio in the heat of summer.

Clearwater, Fla. driver James Matthew Bradley Jr., 60, pleaded Guilty of conspiracy and transportation of migrantsAlthough his wife said that she did not know that there were people in the trailer.

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