Dhanush-Aishwarya split: Soundarya Rajinikanth changes Twitter profile with picture of sister and Rajinikanth – India Times Hindi News

Dhanush and Aishwarya R announced their separation on Monday. While her family members are yet to comment on their decision to part ways, Aishwarya’s sister Soundarya Rajinikanth has extended her support to Aishwarya with a picture on Twitter.

In the early hours of Tuesday, Soundarya changed her Twitter profile picture to a picture of herself, Aishwarya and Rajinikanth. The picture was taken when they were children. In the throwback picture, young girls are seen sitting on Rajinikanth’s lap and posing for the camera.

Although Soundarya has not commented on the sudden change in profile pictures, fans have sent love and support to her and Rajinikanth’s family. “Great fathers who raised their kids to make bold decisions when they need it. Stay strong sister.. take care of your sister, her kids and your parents,” added another. A third fan wrote, ‘Look how he is holding you both.. please take care of him like you always did.’

Soundarya has already made headlines for their separation. In 2016, the filmmaker separated from her first husband Ashwin Ramkumar. She married Vishagan Vanangamudi in 2019.

Meanwhile, Dhanush and Aishwarya lived together for 18 years. They married in 2004 and welcomed two sons. Their first son Yatra was born in 2006 while Linga was born four years later in 2010. Dhanush and Aishwarya haven’t ascertained the reason behind their separation. However, he added that they ‘need to take time to understand (them) as individuals for the better’.

Their statement read: “18 years of togetherness as friends, couple, parents and each other’s well-wishers. The journey has been one of growth, understanding, adjustment and adaptation. Today we stand at a place where our paths diverge. (Aishwarya and Dhanush) have decided to separate as a couple and take time out to understand us as individuals for the better.”

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