Devi Sri Prasad on controversy over Samantha’s ‘Oo Antva’: It is not an item number but a song with a social message. Unique – India Times English News

Pushpa: The Rise starring Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna in lead roles has managed to successfully perform at the box office for over three weeks despite competition from major Hollywood and Bollywood releases. Reportedly, the film has earned over Rs 325 crore worldwide and is still doing exceptionally well worldwide. The film directed by Sukumar was recently released on OTT and the film has received good response on the digital platform as well. Apart from acting, the songs of the films have also made the audience drunk.

From Srivalli to Sami Sami and Oo Antava, every song has been a huge hit in all languages. However, Oo Antava featuring Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Allu Arjun courted controversy for portraying the men as “sensual people”. The lyrics of the song penned by Chandra Bose give a bold message about how men generally view women. In fact, a member of a political party objected, claiming that a devotional song had been changed to an “item number”.

In an exclusive chat with, composer Devi Sri Prasad says that the song is not sexist or trying to humiliate anyone, “Jab Chandra Bose sir (lyricist) and Sukumar sir (director)”. The songs that came up with the concept, we knew we would get such kind of comments. But we have made a genuine effort and do not intend to hurt or offend anyone. This is a scenario we are describing and we are not generalizing that all men are like this.”

The composer argues that for the longest time there have been songs in the film industry that objectified women but no one ever objected. However, when it comes to oo antava which speaks of male gaze, people suddenly found it objectionable, he added. “I got calls from a lot of female friends, journalists, lecturers and they said that it is great to make a song like this. He said that it is not an item song but a song with a social message.

Prasad also says that he is surrounded by strong women and will never try to demean them, “I have been raised by a strong mother. I have a sister and many female friends. I really respect women and not only me, everyone in Pushpa’s team respects women. We are not blaming anyone, but we are talking about the current situation. So if you look at this, in fact women also have many problems. Those who do not want to understand anything will feel wrong. Had the song been so bad, it wouldn’t have been such a big hit.”

The musician also says that he is very “careful” when composing dance numbers. “I am very specific that the item song or particular number I write is not offensive to anyone. Most of my item songs are sung by kids. Most of these songs I have liked by kids and women. So I’m really responsible Also, whenever I’m writing a song, it’s played at the dinner table for my family, including my mother and sister. A song for me should be entertaining. Can’t degrade or degrade. Never -Sometimes the lyrics have a certain hidden meaning that cannot be avoided because it is the allure of an item song, but it is from the time the songs are being made. It is also in classical songs, it is catchy and entertaining way to be presented.”

Prasad is really happy that all the songs of ‘Pushpa’ are getting so much love. “Be it Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada or Malayalam, the songs have been a huge hit across all languages ​​and the credit goes to the team and the audience. The hard work put into all the songs has paid off. It took me almost a month to complete each song of the film. I carefully selected singers to suit a particular language. In fact, I joked with Allu Arjun that composing music for Pushpa: The Rise was like composing music for five films (laughs),” he concluded.

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